Waverly Hills Sanatorium

waverlyIf you are from Louisville, then you are VERY familiar with Waverly Hills. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an old TB Hospital that has seen thousands of deaths in its day. Waverly has been featured on World’s Scariest Places and it is definitely one of the scariest places that I have ever laid my eyes on. The building alone is menacing and that is before you even step foot inside the haunted house. You will travel through tight, abandoned recesses of this haunted building and you will even see the infamous body chute. Little do you know that the creatures in the corridors of this haunted house aren’t actors. These are the ghosts that haunt Waverly Hills. They also do haunted tours which you can book for an incredibly eerie experience. For a true spine tingling experience, go to Waverly this Halloween season.

Location: 4400 Paralee Lane Louisville, KY

Price: Private tours available

Website: Click Here

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17 Reviews for “Waverly Hills Sanatorium”

  1. Hansen says:

    I went on Saturday evening and compared to last year it was not worth the 2 hour wait for the haunted house. Thank the lord we got out of our car and walked up the hill as we would have been stuck in a car line for hours. At one point up the drive the car lane becomes one lane and you are stuck in line and cannot turn around. It took 2 hours to get into the haunted house and then we were not introduced to the scariest most haunted house by an actual person, we were made to stand in the lobby of the building and watch a mini-fictional-movie about how Waverly became haunted. There was so much talking by the large group we had to go in with you could not hear the movie. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY– I will not go back. This year it was set up so that you could not hear the music when you were standing in line nor could you see the front entrance of the building until you waited for 2 hours to get around the huge tent they had set up in front of the building.

  2. Kyra says:

    Last year, I had a blast with my family! It was amazing, and cool. It was my first time going, and I’m glad my mom made me. :D

  3. Pamela says:

    My friend and I went on a “regular tour” of Waverly Hills last October, 2012. We found the tour to be most intriguing! Some of the rooms in the building were very cold while others were warm. There were no actors during the tour. The eeriest part of the tour was the “death tunnel” or “death chute.” At one point we turned off all flashlights, and it was completely dark in the tunnel. The tour guide gave a very descriptive, chilling story about all of the spirits that roam Waverly Hills. Waverly Hills is known to be very haunted. Although we did not see any spirits, we heard a lot of noises on the other floors. I would definitely go on another tour, possibly one that lasts longer.

  4. Beth says:

    I heard some creepy things about Waverly Hills but it sounds like an interesting place. If you really want to get scared take a tour of the place and maybe you will see the spirit of the little boy who plays with the ball or the nurse who hung herself because she was pregnant by the owner and contracted tb.

  5. brianna says:

    we under stand david it is the worst hanted house in the world

  6. David says:

    I went to Waverly Hills Sanatorium last night on Oct 21, 2012 and was very disappointed. The lines where crazy long 45 min to a hour and 2 hours for the haunted house.. Few bathrooms for everyone there and the security guards where very rude. There are much better haunted houses around the area and do not suggest going to this one even with the amazing history it has.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I went last year and it was amazing, I am definitely coming again this year! :) Cant wait!!!

  8. Madison says:

    Haven’t been but really want too. Might go soon, hope it gives me a good scare.

  9. Jamie says:

    I just left this house and have to say that it was, hands down, the best experiences I’ve ever had when it comes to a haunted house. I’m a fan of horror and fright and LOVE Halloween. I’m up from Florida, visiting family, and we decided to go. This surpassed Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights for me and will definitely return in future years! Thanks for FINALLY giving me that unexpected fright!!!

  10. Kandi says:

    Awesome haunted attraction! The actors do a fabulous job. Activities outside while waiting make the time go by quickly. I went a few years back and thought it was ok, went last night and absolutely loved it. Major improvements and scares and lasted about 45 minutes. I would go again definately.

  11. haylee says:

    im a kid but so scary

  12. harley edge says:

    im going tonight!!!! excited for the all night tour

  13. todd knight says:

    we have a close personal connection to Waverly hospital, as my Grandmother , who is still living, was a patient there when it was a TB hospital..

  14. Haunted House Reviewer says:

    Went to this Sunday night. This attraction was a lot better then years past. A lot of detail went in to the whole thing. The actors did a great job as well. This one and the new Frightmare are the two best I went to this year by far in the louisville area. Great Job guys and see you next year!!

  15. morbidlil1 says:

    i go to haunted attractions all over and this year we tried waverly and it was really good. They had great entertainment while u were waiting in line, very original!! I’d say the total time through the attraction was about 20-30 mins. Setting, props and actors were very detailed. Will visit again!!!

  16. Dennis says:

    I have been on the tour… I walked down the fourth floor hallway while the rest of the group watched… They said they saw shadow figures crossing me… My best friend and I took pictures… In two of the pictures there is an unexplained shadow of a figure watching us take pictures… It could be an anomaly but it could also be a ghost… Was amazing… For anyone wanting to go… I strongly subject the tour

  17. Dangerrunner920 says:

    Great haunted attraction totally worth the money. The place alone gets you in the frame of mind to be scared.

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