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The Devil’s Attic

The Devil’s Attic haunted house is becoming a beacon of fear in the Louisville area. As the story goes, since the dawn of time the Devil has been collecting evil souls….souls that have brought terror to us all. The Attic is where he has chosen to keep them locked away for centuries. They have been waiting…..waiting to unleash their hellish fury! Go prepared to face pure evil as they welcome you……to The Devils Attic!

The Devils Attic haunted house is a collection of the true elements that make up many classic horror films. They have taken these elements and integrated them into a VERY interactive and detailed environment within the walls of this haunted attraction. Within the realms of The Devils Attic you will encounter many of your childhood demons as well as a slight horrific twist on some of the classic monsters of Hallows Eve. The result of many years of planning and passion is sure to frighten even the bravest of souls.

The 2015 season will add all new scenes including “The Evil Dead”!

Can you withstand the terror of The Devils Attic?

Location: 647 West Hill St Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 18 – Oct 31, 2015

Price: $18

Website: Click Here

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92 Reviews for “The Devil’s Attic”

  1. Joe says:

    We come down from Indianapolis every year to visit the Louisville haunts and this is the first year we’ve had the pleasure of walking through the Devil’s Attic and I must say, we were pleasantly surprised! Lots of misdirection and some very good jump scares. They do a very good job at scaring without screaming in your face. I wish the lights were a little lower throughout the haunt, but we’ll be coming back next year!

  2. Riggan says:

    Louisville’s best kept secret (for now). I was really impressed by these guys. Been going to haunts my whole life and when a place manages to create some things I haven’t experienced before it is something to behold. I hadn’t heard much of them until someone told me about them this year. I have a feeling that is about to change. Check out Devil’s Attic. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Eric says:

      AWESOME HAUNT! Incredible actors, sets and costumes… girlfriend pissed herself in the vampire room….and that was just at the beginning! LOL

  3. Jenny says:

    Great scary place to visit! I definitely screamed quite a few times! 2nd year in a row I’ve went. Will be going back next year as well!

  4. Em says:

    The Devil was great!!! Turned me on LOL. The characters did an incredible job. By far, the best I’ve seen in a while!!!!

  5. Jackson says:

    This place is intense worth every penny I did some research before me and my wife went and I see why they are the number 5 must see haunt in the United states and have numerous awards every single actor was intense I felt like I was in a horror movie the whole time because I didn’t know what was gonna happen next the building itself gives me the creeps this haunt deserves a 10 out of 10 best haunt i have ever been to

    • Alyssa says:

      Hey, my FFA chapter is going to Louisville, KY for National Convention. We have decided to go to a haunted house while we are there because it falls on Halloween weekend. I’ve been researching some haunted houses in and around Louisville, would you say this is the best one around? I mean, it’s relatively cheap, so I wasn’t sure if it was actually good. These reviews say it’s one of the best, but I have never been to a haunted house before so I want the best experience!

  6. Voldemort says:

    The Devil’s attic is great. Definitely going back. Each room is creatively different and surprising. Love seeing all the movie scenes. They also keep you entertained during the wait which is nice. That red head chick is hot.

    • Gary says:

      This has become a Halloween tradition for me. I use to not really like haunted houses but I would go because that’s what my friends would want to do. Devil’s Attic has changed that. The sets or scenery or whatever you call it is awesome. Not tho give anything away but some things have changed since lat year and it’s pretty damn cool and different. The actors are awesome too. You can tell they are given lines which they do well, but you can tell that sometimes they react to the people in the room differently tailoring their performance to give all they can. The effects and makeup are some of the best I have seen too. I am going back this weekend with other friends, because, why not.

  7. Isabella says:

    Hi there! A friend of mine works at this place and told me that a lot of the reviews on here are from other haunted houses trying to make them sound like they aren’t a good place to get scared at. I’m very surprised they only have 6 pumpkins- it should be 10!
    I think that review thing is probably true because I went through with some friends last Saturday night and even though we knew one of the actors, they never broke character or just stood there screaming at us- they talked to us in character and tried to entertain us even if we weren’t truly frightened in that room.

    As most the positive reviews say, this place is gorgeous (if you like that kind of thing)- it looks like a haunted museum. It’s very atmospheric and the monsters own their roles (they must hire real actors because they don’t seem like typical “scream in your ear” haunted house actors. They popped off with all kinds of awesome things when we were there.

    I loved this place and could go on and on. I hope you go at least once for the experience- it’s worth the wait and every penny of my $17.00.

  8. Michael Daniel says:

    This is a truly terrifying haunt! The wait isn’t boring because there are characters outside interacting with the crowd. For a few extra bucks, you can purchase the speed pass option. Once inside, the Devil himself introduces you to one hell of a show, with film-grade settings, costumes and makeup. Nothing about this haunt looks rushed or cheap. Each scene is decked out with highly realistic detail and the environment alone will have you on edge. The actors are hardcore too. These guys and gals live and breathe horror. I really feel like these folks’ true costumes are the normal people they must pretend to be at their day jobs. We came thru ten minutes before closing time and they were disturbingly enthusiastic despite how late it was. I think most of them need psychiatric care, they enjoy this job way too much. At the end, we were chased out of the building by a maniac weilding a chainsaw with a damn three foot blade that would make Tony Montana shit all down his leg. If you have anxiety attacks or a heart condition, stay away from this place. But if you want to experience real terror, this is where you’ll find it!

  9. boobalou says:

    Friends and I went this past weekend for the first time. I don’t know what the hell the Christmas thing was but it scared me to death! That naked girl came out of no where and we couldn’t figure out if we should stop and stare at her great boobs or run for our lives afraid that she may cut ours off! Best time we have had a one of these things in a long time. I don’t know why we never came here before but we are definitely coming back.

  10. Cough Grimm says:

    What an amazing haunt. Literally blew me away from the moment I entered the first room. It’d been a long time since I was THAT scared at a haunt.

  11. Trevor says:

    Went to the Devils Attic opening night. Once again totally awesome. This is our third year and now there are new scenes which rocked! Scared the hell outta my wife. Definately will come again this year and will be bringing our friends.

  12. gary says:

    I loved this haunted house even standing in line gave me the creeps with the old building and the monsters lurking about. Then I got inside and Ishmael got real! I honestly don’t know how long it was because it was a fun ride! Nice makeup on the monsters probably the best I’ve seen and the effects of the frankinstien and Dr rooms where awesome and omg they have pumpkinhead Da I will deff b back

  13. Doug Bradley says:

    This is the first time I went to the Devils Attic and I about lost it. The monsters in there were as realistic as you can get!! I have never seen a Hellraiser scene before and they have one!! The scares were nonstop and the intensity they showed was amazing! Two thumbs waaaaaaaaaaay up for this house.

  14. Jack L. says:

    It’s a good thing I didn’t eat before I went through this haunt because it would have certainly come spewing out of one end or the other. For real though, incredibly detailed haunt with high energy actors. Relive all your favorite horror movie scenes, and keep that anus clenched.

  15. Mateo says:

    I really dug how into the actors in this haunt are. A lot of them have lines but you can tell some of the things the say are reactionary based on the group. I feel like if I went back I would get a different but equally awesome experience. Kudos to the cast!

  16. Addison says:

    It was sooooo scary. My friends and I went through on sunday and I barely got enough sleep for school the next day because I was so scared. #scariestplaceever

  17. Micky says:

    This was one of the best haunts I have ever been to. The actors are just so on it, they really draw you in to their scenes. I went pretty late and didn’t expect a whole lot but the intensity was still there. It didn’t hurt that the female vampire was pretty hot either.

  18. brenda h. says:

    Great haunt! This place was awesome! You can tell that heart and soul was put in to this place! The actors are insane! Anyone who’s says this place was boring doesn’t know how to appreciate great entertainment!

  19. allforhaunt says:

    It was ok. Seemed like this place has been hyped up since it opened, so thought I’d check it out this year. It had a few surprise scares that made you flinch, but most are predictable. Glad to have the experience. Just didn’t do much to where I would go back, unless there’s more to offer. 20-30 minutes is wishful thinking. It’s more like a 10 minute haunt, if that.

  20. shala says:

    It was an ok event, but way too short. Lasted only like 10-15 min long and for the price we paid was not worth it. The characters were good though. Only wished it lasted longer.

  21. Trinity says:

    This place has grown so much! I love this place. The actors either have lines to say or are really creative, the makeup is fierce and its always an excellent experience.

  22. Jared L says:

    Excellent haunt with incredible scenes and actors. Really liked the hellraiser scene which scared the sh%t out of me and my crew. Best haunt in Louisville hands down!

  23. VampireXGirl says:

    Anyone who says this haunt sucks is obviously merely a giant chicken who couldn’t take the heat brought by these amazing actors.I head out to the Attic every single Halloween. I am never disappointed! The sets and costumes are incredible, the actors are insane, ignorw the haters!! GO SEE THE DEVILS ATTIC.

  24. Richard Edward says:

    I went with my father-in-law on the 12th. waited in the line…good entertainment out there…tasty dogs as well! Good detail inside, serious actors-very intense up close action. We both jumped quite a few times and were creeped/ grossed out as well. Had some free coupons I picked up at Caufields ($2 off) so for $15 It was good fun. Got to bond with father-in-law too… Oh Boy!

  25. Emma1994 says:

    I went here in October 2013 (wasn’t aware of this site then) and really enjoyed myself. Waiting in line wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The actors outside kept in character and were answering questions in character. I even got to touch the head of one of them. The attic itself was entertaining. The actors didn’t just seem to go after those who looked scared, but the “strong men” who supposedly weren’t frightened. Not a dull moment to be had. I highly recommend it.

  26. Rukiddingme says:

    I went to the devils attic hoping for a good scare. I got one, but not from the “devils attic”. Their managment is so terrible I was truly “spooked”. Haunted house lasted 10 minutes, least terrifying haunted house I’ve ever seen. FORTY minute intermission, while over 100 people were waiting in line with non refundable tickets. Don’t waste your time or money.

  27. Lady G says:

    Me and my husband went to this place last night and this is my favorite by far!!!!

  28. MrsHowdy says:

    Went back to see my favorite Devil again last weekend, and the show did not disappoint! This is the most intense I’ve seen this haunt in the three years I’ve visited. And I’m so glad they gave us the speed pass option. Hardly any wait for only $5 more? Lines are for suckers.l

  29. Sam K says:

    Went to this haunt to try and get a rise out of my girlfriend. Some guy in our group got so scared he peed his pants. I dont really get scared usually but I admit this place got me to jump a few times. It’s worth checking out for sure

  30. Johnny B says:

    Awesome haunt! These guys really know how to put on a heluva a haunted house. The actors were intense….the scenes were just like we was in the movies themselves…my girlfriend wouldnt get off me…we really liked the frankenstien room. Gotta check this one out…

  31. Stan M says:

    I loved the haunt this year. My group went through and I am a big guy and they scared the Sh*& out of me and my wife. The make-up was off the chain, if you like haunts go to this one first this one is worth then money and the wait. It starts in line then as you go in its a rollercoaster of scares. Thanks you guys keep the good work

  32. chad hand says:

    Worst haunted house ever !!!!
    waited two hours and didn’t even flinch. Will never go back .

  33. phil says:

    fantastic haunt, worth every penny. I will be back, keep up the good work guys (2 thumbs up)

  34. Ed says:

    One badass haunt!!!!!!!! All the actors stayed in character and were totally intense throughout the entire haunt. I love some of the changes to the haunt this year. Some of the scenes really gave me an errie feeling but that is what it was suppose to do. The folks at the Devil’s Attic need to be very proud!! they have something special there!!! The other haunts need to take notice!!!!

  35. T.C. says:

    This was the opening weekend and the actors were the most intense ever! I heard screams the whole time we waited in line. When they were on break the Devil appeared on a balcony and told a monster on the ground to find a soul for him and the monster carried a girl off…it was totally awesome. Gotta go again !!!

  36. Liv says:

    I got one of the very first tours of The Devils Attic on Sunday during their preview. All I can say is HOLY CRAP. The actors are so intense and never let up for a second. The vampire room made my hair stand on end. I also loved Pumpkinhead scene. That witch girl was INTENSE. One of the Ville’s best haunts!! MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT OUT!!!

  37. Sodapop says:

    it was so awesome. i been to many haunted houses in my days but this one stands at the top. I love that the actors interact with you but at the same time try to scare you. it just tops it all off.

  38. Frankie says:

    Man i’m slow at posting this crap. Me and my new girl went on a Sunday night and had a blast. Great place to take a girl on a first date. Those plastic flaps wore me out and i couldn’t get the creepy chick out of my head. She crawled out from the wall all wacked out. I think it was the best part.

  39. rickie lee says:

    This year i spent a paycheck on haunts. Field of screams, industrial terrorplex, and a couple cheesy ones. The last one i went to was the attic. It will be the first one from now on. Great job to all of you! Keep the passion, intensity, and that spot on timing! Thanks for ending my season right.Yr

  40. ponyboy says:

    Great haunt! This is the third year i have been through and i loved it! Very well organized group of actors. I will be back next year.

  41. MrsHowdy says:

    I can’t believe I almost missed my chance to go through the Devil’s Attic this year. Where does the time even go? Luckily, they were open late Halloween night. I went last year, too, and I have to say with the maze’s new twists and turns this is gonna be a regular even for me and my husband. I can’t wait to see what they do next year, and I can’t wait to see my favorite devil again.

  42. Angi says:

    Best haunt in Louisville and So. Indiana. Well worth your time and $$.

  43. John says:

    This was the best haunted house I have been to in years. Not too short. Not too long. And very well put together movie scenes. Made me jump a couple times and I love em. The others in my group nearly $&@? their pants. Only one word to explain this experiance…AMAZING!!!

  44. Peyton says:

    I read the reviews before going to this haunted house and I have to say that these people that complain about this place must not like fun at all because that’s exactly what this place was. My boyfriend and I went on Halloween night and I’m glad we did. There weren’t that many people there I guess because I was freezing outside and it was a week night, but it worked out for us. The actors were so lively and fun. It wasnt just a “boo! Now get out!” kind of thing. They were playful. They were really witty and no matter what we said to them they had a fun comeback. They stayed in character while doing it too. I was really impressed with their attention to details in each room. I felt like I was on a real movie set in some of the rooms. I also like that they didn’t just do regular movie characters like you see everywhere else. They took it old school with Frankenstein and the werewolf rooms. So while it wasn’t a 10 mild treck through the woods that took us hours to complete that’s not what we wanted. If all you want is a long drawn out place that doesn’t care about details then go to those places, but if you want a real show then go to this place! You won’t be sorry!!!! Keep up the great work! I will be back again next year! You have gained a fan for life!

  45. amy says:

    Not worth $17 thats forsure. Didnt last long enough and very predicable not scary at all.

  46. Ed says:

    The Devil’s Attic is an extremely intense haunt well worth the price of admission. The actors are top notch and really enjoy what they are doing. They take great pride in performing to their best abilities even late in the night. I had heard the haunt we short like 10 min., but I can tell you that if you want to run through the haunt you can get it done in 10 min, but you miss SO much if you do that. We took our time and then talked to others who went before us and right after and it is best to take your time and dont rush through the haunt. It WILL last alot longer than 10 min. Dont want to give any spoilers, but this haunt will scare the HELL out of you. It’s that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Paul says:

    It was pretty good. Not the best one I’ve been to but they had good actors and a lot of really good scenery. the only complaint that i had was that it was very short- its 17$ and its only about 15-20 minutes long. I give it a 6 out of 10

  48. Gary says:

    I had to wait a while in the cold, but it was well worth it! My cousin got scared by the scarecrow out front, and the other guy kept dogging on her for it. Made everybody in line laugh. Dude from Industrial Terrorplex, I think cause he kept talking about how weak this place was and how great they are, said that it only lasts 10 minutes. So I timed it and we came out in 20. I guess he was lying or something. I loved this and for only 17 dollars. Better than paying 40!

  49. Mina M. says:

    5 pumpkin score! That’s good, right? :)

  50. Mina M. says:

    My friends went to this last year and suggested I go. I thought it was a bit expensive at first but compared to other haunts in the area, it’s not so bad- plus I was able to get ahold of a coupon. I dont know f they still have this deal but One of my friends that went with me got a groupon ticket for 8 or 9 bucks. Unlike some haunts, this one actually has people who come up and try to entertain you while you’re waiting to go into the haunted house. Once you’re in, it’s like an interactive play! Most every room takes you into a scene from various horror films, my favorite being 13 Ghosts and Hellraiser! The actors/actresses are very intense and they make you feel like you’re a part of the scene as it plays out. I love horror flicks, so it was quite a treat for me to be able to feel like a part of some of my favorite movies of all time! Overall, worthy visit.

  51. Jack Darippa says:

    I went to The Devil’s Attic last weekend and was impressed over-all. My friends and I showed up around 11:30 and we had a very short wait in line. I had figured the actors would have been tired from working all night, but I didn’t notice any drop in performance what-so-ever. It took around 30 minutes to complete the haunted house which is pretty good for the money we paid. We took time to look around a little bit and didn’t just run straight through (I’m a penny-pincher and if I pay money for something, I’m going to get my value). It smelled pretty bad in there, but that’s what I was hoping for. I don’t get to haunted houses expecting it to smell like Bed Bath and Beyond. It was a lot of fun and I will definitely be going back next year.

  52. Louie says:

    Smelled like hell to me! This place gets so far into your grill it literally goes up your nostrils. I stood in the cold rain for longer than I would have liked, but once I got inside it was worth the wait. The level of detail in the costumes and makeup was astounding, and the monsters would not leave my wife alone, even when she begged them to stop. I had to push her through the place. I’m not usually a jumpy guy, but I have to admit the naked girl got me. I’d go again next year.

  53. Mike says:

    Went on 10/06/2012. The location was not that bad, but the parking could have been better. My group waited about 35 minutes which is not that bad for a haunted house. Once inside, the smell is pretty bad. The acting was not all that great, but the biggest let down is that it was only 20 -25 minutes long and it was over. I can assure you I will not being going back, unless they upgrade the facility to make it a longer scare.

  54. Dave S says:

    We went last night. Bought ourour tickets then waited in line. Around 15 to 20 people were let in. They stopped letting people in for 45 minutes. Orlock was entertaining during our VERY LONG WAIT. It was raining and cold. When we finally got in the building the nasty smell was overpowering. The only thing that impressed me about the whole haunt was the contortionist in the exorcism room. The haunt was short and the actors weren’t that great. I expected a much better experience. I will probably never go again

  55. Lorri says:

    I have to say that the costumes/makeup were awesome and very well done….it stunk like rotting flesh in there….it was scary we had a great time…..I did scream several times, but it was to short.

  56. Pete yang says:

    Wow what can I say. The Devils Attic is amazing I give it a 10 out 10 rating across the board. The costumes are great, the makeup is great, and most importantly the acting is badass.

  57. Bill says:

    I’ve come to this haunt two years in a row now and it just keeps getting beter. You can tell the actors enjoy what they are doing and put everything they have in to their scares. The guy without any eyes gets me every year. Freaking awesome job I will be back as long as they are open and encourage every one I know to go as well.

  58. JD says:

    Great Haunt. Allow the Devil himself t walk you through this house of horror and encounter all the demented creatures he has collected. Easily the best haunt in Louisville and definitely recommend checking it out.

  59. Destiny Nicole says:

    Went this past weekend for the opening. This haunt is intense! I was shocked at some of the scenes because of the amount of detail and how many actors are in each one. They even have a naked girl in there! She was my favorite! They were so scary and entertaining! The actors actually paid attention to details when interacting with our group instead of just treating us like every other group. They don’t just pop out and say boo! It’s a nice change from some of the others we went to last year. If you only get a chance to go to one haunted house this year then make it this one! You won’t regret your choice!

  60. Jill E. says:

    When i went i was super scared but it was my first time in a haunted house but after a while the scariness started to fade and i was 12!! I hope that this year they really bring it and keep me scared although i would prefer that they don’t make it “Hot as Hell” in there.

  61. samantha tindle says:

    i love this place the hell raiser is awesome !!!

  62. audra says:

    i went there last night
    it wasnt that scary at all
    i did like the saw part of the house
    thats my fave movie

  63. Kitty says:

    Wow. Just wow. I’ve never really been one for haunted houses, but still, to make me pee my pants is an incredible feat. (I didn’t even know that was possible– I guess I know it actually does happen to people.) It. Is. Intense. Sadako (Ringu–The Ring) was so awesome! All twitchy and stuff. XD And freaking creepy as hell doctor and nurses.

    Wish it was cheaper but maybe it was a fair price? Like I said before, don’t really know haunted houses that well. (However I did have a coupon!) The line wait is a bit long but that just says to me that it must be a good one or people wouldn’t be lining up to go. It’s not a boring wait either, Orlock is entertaining. I’m telling all my friends that like haunted house to go. Keep up the good work guys!

  64. MrsHowdy says:

    The line was a little long Saturday night, but the bat-looking guy kept it entertaining. Inside, though… wow. You have to go through a tunnel of green smoke to come face-to-face with the devil, who was scary, and yet, the way he looked at me… I had to bite my lip. After that, it’s kind of a blur. I never saw the vampire girl coming, and the exorcism scene was pretty intense. I hope this haunt sticks around.

  65. Matt Jordan says:

    This haunts right by UL campus so I walked there after class let out last Friday. Im just sayin that Im going again next Friday!! Prices werent too bad with coupons especially.

  66. Karri says:

    Went there this year and last. Last year It was really short, but the actors seemed very passionate and had dialogue (they didn’t just jump out and say boo). The rooms were really cool looking from what I saw-I spent a lot of time with my head buried in my boyfriends jacket. Another thing I liked was that, we had expected a lot of typical Freddy and Jason type stuff,but they use different movies and a unique take on them and there werent any clowns! I really liked this haunt. They have a better location this year -last years was awful and I think its the cheapest one we went to (we paid 14.00 with a coupon we got from a Halloween store). If you want a cheap thrill, this place is fun for the money.

  67. Rod Whitenack says:

    I’m hesitant to give them a second chance this year, as it’s a longer drive to the new location, but they did two things right this year: They moved to a bigger location and dropped the price $4 to $16.

    Last year they charged $20 for a less-than-three-minute haunt. My buddy and I were in and out in less than three minutes and they didn’t seem to feel guilty at all about taking our money. My niece and her friend wanted me to take them, but there’s no way on earth I could justify spending $60 for three minutes.

    I wrote to them at their website to suggest some improvements. For example, they needed at least some kind of facade outside, and I suggested their price was too high for the experience they deliver, but they didn’t seem to care and never wrote me back. It’s not like they get thousands of emails from haunt fans! I have to write all that off to either first year inexperience or just cash grabbing greed. Either way, it certianly hurt their reputation for year two.

  68. Lane says:

    Went to the Devil’s attic last night at my girlfriends insistence, We had earlier went to the one off Dixie hgwy. Friday &on Saturday the one in Southern In. which was good, but they didn’t compare to this! The building itself is creepy and the actors intense & very talented. In the surgical room the mad doctor was cutting on his victim & blood(water) sprayed on the two couples ahead of Us, as a nurse jumped out an told them they was next. one of the guys screamed & ran off leaving the rest of his party standing. There were a couple other scenes, the exorcist,warnock that I must admit, made my bladder weaken. By far the best of the three we visited!

  69. R.Denney13 says:

    The Devils Attic is must see haunt. The actors along with the scenes are realistic and The Devil tells you like it is. I have to say this: I have never been to a haunt and thought I was going to get messed up by a serial killer with a rope…..loved it and thats what its all about…..the real feeling of horror!

  70. Michele says:

    the actors outside were fun and entertaining but it wasnt no 30 min walk through like the ticket guy said it was quick and not scary and i just wasnt impressed may be i set my standards too high but thats because i had heard good things but it didnt impress or scare me at all the devil should of done more scaring instead of talking,,,just sayin

  71. Karras says:

    Saturday night was the perfect night! Lots of great scares around every corner! I don’t scare easy but they got me a few times. My girl, that’s just easy tho. definitely worth checking out.

  72. BrothersGrimm says:

    Yo’ this shit was off the hook! little white girl crawlin’ all up on the floor bout made me load my Sean Johns! They some creepy Mo Fo’s up in der. Got my girl all twisted an she still jacked up! Check that shit!

  73. yersh says:

    They may be a newer haunt, but The Devil’s Attic really has it going on! It’s scenes are intense and the actors are enough to make you piss your pants. I’m planning on going again and bringing some more friends. Maybe next weekend for the college discount!

  74. Keith says:

    Kicks ass!

  75. Nick says:

    This place if freaking awesome for anyone has not visited this place, you definitely go!!

  76. Dakota says:

    Attended opening night yesterday—terrifying! The actors are great, really intense and used the scenery well. Speaking of which… the set is amazing! Much more professional than your average haunt. The new 2011 location is a truly creepy old building. They make it feel like a completely different realm. So amazing!

  77. Cigartaz says:

    My friends and I went there last night when we first got there the outside guys look fake then when they moved it was great they really have good acting skills,They had alot of great rooms in there alot of the movies I liked and all the actors were intense we wear scared the whole time we were there if you like haunts you will love this one it is a no stop scare feast. Will will be going back next week to do it again.

  78. Drake says:

    I was given the privilege of walking through this haunt before the 2011 season opened. Wow… Is all I can say. A vast improvement over last year. Their new location opens up for a MUCH longer haunt. Much better atmosphere as well. Just an over all feeling of impending dread that comes from a truly good haunt. The actors seemed a bit more professional as well, which is the cornerstone to a good haunt. Nothing worse than a creepy haunt, great atmosphere and some schmuck in the corner picking his nose. But thats not what you get here. The actors seem to have a great feeling for when to be ultra intense, and when to be a creeper. I will say that some of the scenes are a bit intense for younger kids. They push the boundaries a bit in some areas. But over all, this is a really awesome haunt and really looking forward to great things in the future!

  79. Chris Lee says:

    Visited this Haunt last friday (22nd). Of the people that walked out and back around to theirs cars to leave, I’d say 80% were raving about the walk thru and another 15% were either crying in the middle of their panic attacs, or just went ahead and pissed themselves. This was an awesome experience, and for a first year run, I had never heard so many positive reviews. I worked at the Industrial Nightmare In 03 and 04… It lacked the passion and talent that the Devils Attic has…myself included!
    Looking forward to seeing what the Attic has to offer next year…

  80. HauntReviewGuy says:

    Visited this haunt and from the anticipation and hype I had heard online. I was sorta let down to be honest. I follow all the haunted attractions in town, so I was eager to get to go to this one. While the set design was creative and clean, I felt as if i was in a museum and not a haunted house. Nothing was scary at all about this haunt, but the props and rooms seemed to be very well put together. Our group of 4 walked through, never jumped and really never were in that feeling of an actual haunted attraction. The haunt was extremely too short. We were in and out in almost 10 minutes and for 15 bucks a haunt should last no less than 20 minutes in length. The rooms all had the same feeling to them as well, nothing really caught my eye that made me remember this place except for the Devil at the beginning. For a first year haunt, i felt it was decent at best. I would like to see how they fare in the coming years though, because i did see some creative potential.

  81. Kristen W. says:

    Went to Devil’s Attic on Thursday night. I thought they did very well with it being their first year. I thought the set design, lighting, and costumes were extremely good, and very creative! Their actors were always in character and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. The length of the haunt was short, but there was never any empty space, and always something to look at. I consider myself an easy scare, but never really jumped. I found myself more uncomfortable at times than scared. Overall, I thought the haunt was good and I really appreciated the artistic aspect, which is often overlooked! Good job!

  82. Scott Levell says:

    Took my girlfriend and 3 of her friends to this haunted house Saturday night. I literally thought that I would have finger nail marks afterwards as this was one really crazy place. All of the actors were up in your face and relentless. They really liked the devil and the pig guy. Would recommend over the other two we went to that night….not mentioning any names but there is a morgue involved.

  83. Bob Peyton says:

    Went to a couple diff haunted houses last friday with my boys. And this one they didnt like too much. The actors tried too hard and did more absurd yelling at you instead of actually acting the part they should of acted. although the scenes do look good, the actors dont seem like there into it and think that yelling randomly is the way to go. i would suggest another one before this one. sorry

  84. Brad L says:

    Went to the Devils Attic last night and it was a great NEW haunt…just what Louisville needs. Have been to all the haunts in southern Indiana and Louisville and this place was quite a suprise….the scenes were awesome and the actors were very intense. We really liked the last scene best. Highly recommended!

  85. Stacey Miskell says:

    I was wondering when The Devil’s Attic would be open. I dont live very far from there and my husband always says they are too far downtown so I never get to go but I am very excited to see your attraction, finally someone local brought some fun for Halloween to our area!!! Thank You So Much!!! Please email me to let me know when it will be opening my husband and I already have plans to be the first ones at your door!!! Thank You Again!! Stacey Miskell

    • PumpkinKing PumpkinKing says:

      The Devil’s Attic opens this Friday. By the photos I have seen, it looks like it is going to be a really nice haunt. So, you might have to beat me there ;o) Happy haunting!

  86. […] haunts and get your 20-30 minutes of fear. One new local event that looks very promising is the Devil’s Attic. This event is new for 2010 and it looks like it could be one heck of a […]

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