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The 7th Street Haunt

The 7th Street Haunt celebrates it 3rd year of fear in “Lou-Evil” Kentucky. This award winning haunted attraction is one of a kind. With its old school approach to scaring the 7th Street Haunt is revitalizing what it truly means to be frightened. This 13,000 sq. ft. attraction houses more than just monsters and ghouls. Do you dare enter?

In 2014 you will enter the forgotten town of Ft. Harmony. Overgrown storefronts and shadow filled alleys hide the bloodthirsty residents that await your arrival. The inner demons of the once pleasant town folk manifest before your eyes to deliver a terror you have never known.

Want extreme terror? Go the the lights out event on Nov 2nd!

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Location: 2900 S. 7th Street Rd Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 13 – Nov 2, 2014

Price: $18

Website: Click Here

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Rating: 6.2/10 (295 votes cast)

24 Reviews for “The 7th Street Haunt”

  1. carrie says:

    Went this past weekend with danger run and was sadly disappointed! We all learned very quickly that you get what you pay for with this haunt. While there aren’t any cheesy movie characters which is good the down side is that the acting was terrible. I mean one lady just sat at a table and looked like she was having a seizure! That lady and most of the others never really said anything they just made some weird noise at us! The only guy that really interacted with us was the guy in the pedophile room! Look I know it’s a haunted house and it’s supposed to prey on people’s fears, but when the hell did pedophelia become something that was OK to use as a scare tactic? But at least that guy stayed in character! There was only one room that I found worth my time and that was the human puppet thing. That room was well done and the acting was actually up to par! If every room could be like that then it would actually be worth while. Last year was way better than this year in every way! I hope next year they will go back to more of the things they did last year and for goodness sake get rid of the pedophile!

  2. Duncan Blackwood says:

    Went here this past weekend and loved it! I love Halloween and all things scary, but get tired of going to haunted houses packed full of movie monsters. Was glad to see this one had none! The cast was very energetic and we’re very good. I’ll definitely will be going back

  3. Visited this haunt on 9/20/14, and out never disappoints. Feel free to check out the full reviews on our blog,, there’s too much to go into in a comment! :)

  4. thomas says:

    I never heard of 7th street haunt and I visit all the haunts I can every year a friend said she had been last year so I thought great something different was very pleased it took about 25 minutes to go through actors where over the top scenes were great and we got in for $10 because we had a big group. Some guy I’m assuming was the owner wanted to make sure we enjoyed it and even gave us a free drink. This place was a 10 in my book the only down fall was the 10 minutes to wait. I will be coming back.

  5. Marie says:

    I love this haunt! We went opening weekend not expecting much since it was the first day but boy were we wrong! Can not wait to visit again later in the season! Almost everything in the haunt is handmade, none of that same stuff that is purchased at stores that you see over and over again. Not to mention all of the actors are original characters! Trust me I love seeing Freddy, Jason and Myers but it can get a little old, 7th street haunt offers lots of different and unique characters! It is one that can not be missed!

  6. Ashley says:

    I went to the 7th street Haunt this past Saturday ( their opening night ) and I thought the visuals of the place were awesome but there were def things that need improvement. When we 1st entered we were instructed to watch a video . We did and tried to move on . Then were told to go back and wait. we watched the video about 3 more times. While this was going on one of the actors was in my friends face burping over and over and then swishing spit . We were so GROSSED out. I get we are at a haunted house but it was so nasty and uncalled for. Finally we were able to move on to the next part. We had to stand and listen to a guy in a sheriff suit tell us the rules. He told another girl in our group that she was a really dumb blonde and continued to make rude remarks to her until he opened the door and told us to go thru. I thought it was sooo rude!!!!! We went thru many rooms were there were no actors and it seemed very short. In my opinion def not worth the $18 to get in.

  7. tyler says:

    Relatively new haunt. Last night of the season. My expectations were low. Now I’m eating my words. I’ve been to 10 area haunts this year and I finished with the best one! The actors’ energy was awesome!! As of this posting you have two hours to go check it out!

  8. mrsmonty says:

    Amazing job! The actors went above and beyond what I was expecting. They really go all out and are relentless in their attempts to scare. The energy some of them have is unbelievable. Too many positive things to say I can’t list them all. Just walking in I noticed the small things such as the writing on the walls in the rooms. The old dirty man’s room has so much detail that it tells a story in its self. In the child’s room the dolls faces are burned and mangled, in the house part you can see rats and roaches, the list goes on. You can tell a lot of work went into this place. This is my first year hearing about 7th street haunt my friends insisted that we checked it out and I can’t wait to go back next year. Not to mention the price isn’t anything to complain about after the discounts they offer.

  9. thomas says:

    This is a new haunt that’s on the right track. I will be back for sure someone got some real art skills no store bought fake sh#%$

  10. Lexi Bryant says:

    Worst haunted house I have ever been too so not worth the 18 dollars

  11. Nae Nae says:

    Omg!!! Some of the scariest shyt I’ve ever seen in a haunted house!! Good job you guys :-)

  12. renae says:

    I had lots of fun here! Lots of surprises. All my friends loved it.

  13. bobbi says:

    I have to say I was skeptical since it was a haunt I had ever heard of but man me and the friends loved it I like the old school haunts that’s the ones that shows they put some real sweat into the work the actors was right on much better that a machine moving around trying to scare me and then the folks there was so friendly and everyone on my way out said thanks for coming if you want to go to a haunt that does it like it should be done than this is it

  14. Johnathan says:

    I went here this past Saturday, and my mind was blown away by all of the originality!! Its an amazing haunt with such a talented cast!! I will definitely be coming back time and time again!! Best haunt Louisville has to offer!

  15. Johnathan says:

    I went here this past Saturday, and my mind was blown away by all of the originality!! Its an amazing haunt with such a talented cast!! I will definitely be coming back time and time again!! Best haunt Louisville has to offer!

  16. Alex says:

    This is the best haunted house I might have ever been too. Tons of Sh*t yourself scares around every other corner, and extraordinary detail in each room. Oh yea, and the place is huge!!

  17. Brian Williams says:

    The 7th street haunt is an amazing place full of scary monsters. Every room is a new nightmare.

  18. Amethyst16 says:


  19. Mike Gray says:

    Such an amazing haunt!!! Best I’ve been to so far!!!

  20. Don says:

    Went to 7th Street on their opening night for 2013. My wife and I were very happy with them. Last year was good, but this year was awesome! This is only their second year and 7th street is head and shoulders above the haunts that have been around for decades.

  21. Ted says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with my experience at the 7th Street Haunt. I was told it was their first year so I went not expecting much but they rocked! My favorite was the dirty old man.

  22. stan blackhead says:

    i went through and it sucked. i give it a -10 out of postive 10.

  23. Kandi says:

    Took kids to this one last weekend. They said they liked it but it was very very short.

  24. Ashley says:

    My friends and I visited the 7th Street Haunt last night, 10/5/12, and I had the pleasure of a very fun-filled experience. Check out the full review at While you’re there, check out some of the other Louisville haunts I’ve visited and reviewed!

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