Sinister Tombs

The Sinister Tombs haunted house is an attraction that sits a little ways outside of Louisville, but if you are willing to take a drive it is worth it! Sinister Tombs has been an Elizabethtown area (known locally as E-town) favorite for many years. The Sinister Tombs is open Fridays & Saturdays from 7:30 – Midnight. And for the low price of $10 per person, you can’t beat it. If you happen to be in the E-town area check this haunt out!


Dates: Fri & Sat Sept 18-Oct 31, 2015

Price: $15, Children $12

Website: Click Here

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Rating: 7.7/10 (259 votes cast)

7 Reviews for “Sinister Tombs”

  1. Emily says:

    A staff member insulted and scolded me, I still don’t know why, in front of the entire group. There are NO lights at the end, I ran into something and scratched my eye.

    • Marvin says:

      I have security footage to show this woman was with her boyfriend, husband or what ever, she had been warned by staff several times, she was making it to were none of the rest of the group could hear what was going on. She walked into a post holding a privacy fence and how she scratched her eye on that we may never know. We are a theatrical show, acting with scares. The women never made an attempt to talk with management about any problem rather waited and posted it after she lift the show. I am sorry she had such a bad time, but believe she made some of that herself.

  2. Tom Davis says:

    Took boy scout troup through Saturday night, never had so much fun, the actors were great, kids wanted go back through again so did. One of the best places I have scene. Highly advise you go see for yourself.

  3. David Dale Miller says:

    Just finished going through, fantastic haunted house, lots great stuff. Worth the money.

  4. David Dale Miller says:

    Just finished going through, fantastic haunted house, lots of darkness, except for the full moon.

  5. mike donaldson says:

    This place is amazing.i highly recomend it.The actors are so fast that it seems like there is multliple of the same character.Very good attraction.If you want to be scared in kentucky i vote here.I give this attraction a 9.5

  6. Paul webber says:

    great haunted house, at first thought looked lame. But from the moment you walk inside and the skulls start talking its on. people everywhere, non-stop scenery and the monsters. they must have had 15 chainsaws and 5 jasons. 2 or 3 micheal myers and a super pscho on the body bag bridge. The rotting body’s would almost make you gag.

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