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Nightmare Forest Hauntpark – 3 Haunts

The legendary Nightmare Forest Haunt Park is a haunted attraction park in Louisville that is known for miles around. Nightmare Forest haunted event is known for bringing the movies to life and they have always lived up to that motto. It has featured such movies at Halloween, Jurassic Park, Alien, and much more. This year it features Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Conjuring and many more! It is a haunt to be feared and Nightmare Forest has returned to Otter Creek Park with a vengeance. However, not only do you get one frightening trail, you also get the Trail of Terror, the Nightmare Forest Drive-In and Hawthorne’s Circus Bizarre! It is an ENORMOUS Haunt Park with 4 attractions in 1 location for 1 price!

Location: Otter Creek Park near Fort Knox

Dates: Sept 18 – Oct 31, 2015

Price: $20 for 4 attractions

Website: Click Here

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Rating: 6.3/10 (364 votes cast)

52 Reviews for “Nightmare Forest Hauntpark – 3 Haunts”

  1. Nathan says:

    I went here this past weekend and I have to throw out a big kudos to everyone involved with this attraction. I really loved this experience. I have been to this haunt several different years and oh my god did they step it up this year. Everything was just so over the top. The actors were awesome. They had the best Freddy I have seen. And I don’t want to give it away but the Annabelle doll just freaked me out. I still don’t know if that doll was a doll, or a person. Great job! I will be back this weekend with another group of friends and can’t wait!

  2. jacob says:

    Went to nightmare this weekend and had a blast. My family even joyed themselves. It might be cold but sure worth the long trip for all of us.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Went to Nightmare Forest last night and we had so much fun. A girl in are group peed her pants. Great job this year guys..

  4. Jeff says:

    We went last night and couldn’t be happier. The circus thing in itself was worth the $20. It was great to watch a show while we had to wait. The haunts were absolutely great. I’m telling everyone that if you go to one haunted house this year this is the one.

  5. Jason says:

    This haunt is awesome! We all had a blast. They really stepped it up this year!

  6. wade_715 says:

    Needs alot of improvement. Not even close to what it once was. Even the small kids in our group weren’t scared. Definitely not worth 20 bucks ahead to go through.

  7. A satisfied Customer! says:

    I finally made it out to this last Saturday. And it was awesome. My wife wanted to bail out early so bad, it was hilarious! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!

    Thanks for an awesome night!

    A VERY satisfied customer!

  8. Joe says:

    Last year was great, this year I feel like Nightmare Forest fell flat on it’s face. I’m going to be a bit critical of this place ONLY because it’s been around FOREVER. They made some serious mistakes and honestly, they should have known better.

    1. Fast pass is worth it. The lines are long. But let’s face it, if you make the trek out to this place, you’re going to stay no matter how long the line is.

    2. The staff really, REALLY needs to learn and take more care in staggering the groups out. Midway through, there were at least 30 (if not more) people in our group. Not staggering groups will absolutely kill ANY haunt. Last year, the line was horrendously long and it took FOREVER to get the groups through – obviously because they were staggering the groups out, which made the haunt GREAT. This year, I guess they were just in a rush to get as many people through as possible.

    3. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the trail was downsized this year. It didn’t seem as elaborate as the previous years. With that said, when our group was small, there WERE some really good scares. The creep factor of this place is great when there isn’t 30+ people in your group.

    4. The Purge scene was terrible. It was really one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. You guys actually put it IN the field where people are coming into the park – YOU CAN SEE WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN before you get into the attraction. WHUT? And shoving 15 or more people into that little box isn’t going to scare anyone, it’s just going to piss people off that they’re shoulder to shoulder and they all already know that someone’s going to try to scare them. The purge scene/box is embarrassing. Stop.

    Maybe the owners have lost their mojo or maybe it’s become more about the money than the passion? I hope they revive the haunt mojo that once was this place.

  9. Kayla says:

    Best haunt I’ve been to in a while! You can tell the owners put a lot of effort into making sure Nightmare Forest is the best. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone who wants a good scare to visit. Definitely worth the money! I will for sure be coming back next year!

  10. Miranda says:

    Outstanding haunt. The scenes were creative and detailed-best I’ve seen this year. There was a wait but it was well worth it- attractions and entertainment while in line. Actors had lots of energy as well as awesome makeup and costumes. Nightmare Forest has done something right here and exceeded my expectations for a haunt. No complaints here had a great time!!!

  11. CAY says:

    Def better this year than last. Wish they still had the movies playing while you were waiting in line, that was great. Love how they have one section just for old scary movies like halloween, freddy, jason, etc. Good job this year.

  12. Cristy says:

    This was not worth the $30 you pay for the speedpass. Honestly I think we laughed more than we got scared. Such a sad, sad haunt. It wasn’t scary I didn’t even jump. It was really really short, it was like a 20 minute haunt. Again it was boring. BIG WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Amazing job guys! The energy in this place is unbelievable. The makeup was the best I’ve seen. The Actors scared the sh**t out of me. Most definitely my favorite haunt this year. Keep up the good work guys, see y’all next year.

  14. Doolez says:

    Oct. 18, 2014 Visit: It is uninspiring, dull, and formulaic, lacking the creativity and energy of other haunts in the area, such as Asylum Scream Park’s trail and 7th Street Haunt’s creative sets. The actors from the clown set piece and Michael Myers were pitch perfect and in-character. The Shape was my favorite because he nailed it. Jason, on the other hand, was nothing close to the character from the films (psst, he doesn’t bash a machete on walls and tables). For a great comparison, try the Misery Manor $5 “in-your-face” haunt in Lawrenceburg, KY to see movies portrayed well. We saw this as part of Danger Run, and it was not worth our time and effort. I am thankful we did not pay any money for it outright.

  15. haulseyxTc says:

    Nightmare Forest has always been one of my favorites, but this year they knocked it out of the park. The sets look amazing and the make-up blows every other haunts away. All the actors were very energetic and very aggressive. Congrats guys, you really outdone yourselves this year. I recommend everyone to put Nightmare Forest Haunt Park on the top of your lists.

  16. PandoraBear says:

    OMG absolutely LOVED IT but I should have brought extra pants! I will be back next year, I hope!

  17. Tammy says:

    My husband and I went last Friday and I was super excited. We got there around midnight and there was no crowds so we got to walk through on our own. It lasted about 20-30 minutes and had some classic scenes and good scares but it didn’t seem to be as good as it used to be.

  18. Ashley says:

    went last night and it was awesome. The scenes were great the actors costume, acting and make up were on point. Great Haunted attraction. Cant wait to come back next year.

  19. Joe C says:

    I haven’t been to Nightmare Forest in probably 5+ years. My girlfriend and I went this past weekend and it was definitely not a disappointment! Lines were long and they moved VERY slowly. The staff does a GREAT job of spacing out the groups so there is no running into other groups, which is a good thing. The creep factor of this place is good – it’s in the middle of nowhere, very little actual lighting, and the whole haunt is VERY mature (you can tell this place has been running for a long time). The owners and actors know how to scare you and they do a good job. The scenes were incredible and very detailed. This place KNOWS what it’s doing.

    If it’s busy, you’ll DEFINITELY want to spend the extra money for the VIP/Speed Pass. It’s worth it to avoid most of the line.

  20. LORD KAYOSS says:

    Finally made it out to Nightmare Forest for 2012 and HOLY SH**, it felt like the 90’s again! Very well done. I’ve been making the venture out to Otter Creek for NF since 1998. Loved it back then and wish it hadn’t gone through the dip in the early 2000’s when the two owners split. Otter Creek became ‘The Forest’ and eventually ‘The Forest of Fright’ after that and really lost a lot of it’s appeal and gander. Last night was the first time I’ve been back in several years and must say I was pleasantly surprised. There was a strong nostalgic feel for me as the trail was loaded with scenes and actors very reminiscent of when I first started going. At first I thought $20 was a little pricey, but after going through the entire thing I left feeling like I got my money’s worth. So awesome to see Nightmare Forest return to form. I’m seriously thinking about visiting again before the season is over and might even try to join the fun one night if they allow me, heh.

    If you’re pondering checking it out and are a little on the fence, take it from a long-time patron. This year is worth the trip.


  21. Blonde beauty says:

    Nightmare forest is one of the best haunted attractions around. I have been going here every year since 2008 and i will say this year was one of the best. the thing that got me the most was the clowns they were awesome. The clown that was in the beginning was one of the best. He came at me got right in my face and im sorry he scared the holy crap out of me. Its not that im a girl and scared of clowns this guy was just awesome. The others wasnt that shabby also the clown that came out of the boxes was great to. he is very energetic. I will be back just to see them guys again.

  22. charles says:

    I thought Nigtmare Forest was to say the least very entertaining this year. The corn maze was an excellent addition to the event. It by far better than the field of screams which drags out and is just uneventful. I thought the zombie trail was outstanding. The make-up and the actors made the trail. Nightmare Forest is the best haunt I have been to in the Louisville area for a few years now. They have been the imagination of plenty of other haunts in the area that has plain and simple ripped them off. I highly recommend it and it is only $20 which is cheaper than most.

  23. Corey says:

    I used to LOVE nightmare forest. It was a great haunt. I hadn’t been in about 6 or 7 years, so I thought I’d go back and see what’s changed. A lot has. They are no longer the high intensity, high tech, terrifying attraction they used to be. I understand their show has to be modular which creates some limits, but what bugged me was the actors and the lighting. The lighting was so bright throughout most of the haunt that nothing could surprise me. I got startled once or twice, but that’s it. The corn maze portion was cool and held me in state of anticipation which is half the fun of getting scared and I did get scared a few times, but for the most part the actors made jokes and tried to be funny, and they were hilarious, but I didn’t come to laugh. And the actors followed you to long, which is fine if they have a character role, such as the hillbillies, but most of them are one and done scares so following is more annoying than it s scary. Also, the makeup seemed thrown together and unprofessional. I’m very afraid of clown so when I saw the clown portion I was excited and thought “This, this will get me.” but the makeup wasn’t like clowns at all and the acting (like the rest of the acting, with the exception of the corn maze) was lackluster and almost lazy. Also, the actors concentrated solely on the one girl in out group who had her face covered. She never got scared because she never saw what was tring to scare her, and no one else got scared because none of us were ever the targets. I left frustrated having anticipated some kind of release of my pent up fear, and got nothing. I do hope in the future Nightmare Forest will fix these problems because I really did LOVE their haunt, which makes me sad to write this review, but I’m being totally honest.

  24. Stacy says:

    I go to Nightmare Forest every year and this was one of there best, I say that every year, lol. You could tell they put a lot of new stuff and effort out this year. Even though I have seen it before the black light tunnel thing that spins is just awesome! I love those things! They had a TON of actors, it had to take us over 45 minutes to do everything they had there. The scene with the wolf monster coming out of the closet made me almost fall on the bed! Not sure what movie that was from, but real cool!

  25. Billy says:

    Me, my wife, and brother in law went to Nightmare Forest last night. It was awesome! The corn maze was awesome! They had this fake body that was on a bed that shook back and forth and then the zombie looking actors in there were awesome! Great job in my opinion!

  26. Brandy says:

    This is one of the worst haunted attractions I have been to. A lot of the actors just stood there. Seemed like they had a big budget cut this year. It was terrible. I will never come to this place again. Definitely not worth the $20!!!!!

  27. betty rivera says:

    Nightmare forrest was horrible worst one ever.spent $215 and was not worth 50 we traveled 2 hours to get there it was no good ….

  28. Jad Hussein says:

    Nightmare Forest was one of the scariest places I’ve been to. Yet, some of the actors were horrible and looked really fake, but it really didn’t matter to me as long as I got scared. I think that if they owned there own property and wouldn’t have to tear it down every year it would be MUCH better.

  29. KenutckyCard1 says:

    Very Very disappointed at this haunt. I travel to a lot of haunts…..First and foremost they advertise 3 attractions, yet 1 attraction is movies playing on a big screen. The video preview says almost 40 minutes worth of walk? Does this include 20 minutes of standing in line? We were in and out in under 20 minutes and that included the Horror Movie part and the sad 6-7 minute walk through Trail of Terrors. There is no reason to advertise this as 3 attractions. Such false notions

    Next, audio for a haunt of this caliber was ridiculous. Most scenes sounded like boom boxes or small audio devices, the transitions were silent.

    Acting and Makeup was very sub par. Masks were cheap store bought with not much detail. How come a haunt that’s been around this long isn’t using silicone and more latex applications? Actors barely had blood on clothing… very disappointing. Actor dialogue very limited as well.

    The only thing i enjoyed about the haunt this year is the actual location. The woods are creepy. Overall i rate this a 5.5/10. The potential is there but i would compare this to a first year haunt. The thing i think that kills this haunt is the fact they have to tear down and rebuild every year acting is if they were not there. The haunt is limited from the time it begins to build…..

  30. scared mom says:

    Forgot to put we loved nightmare forest!!! We’re going again this wkend!!!

  31. scared mom says:

    OK me and the hubby and sum friends went to waverly hills sanatorium and field of screams waverly hills was good, field of screams sucked the haunted hay ride was anything but,the field was crap the only scare I got from there was the corn I kept stepping on,the barn such a joke and one of the actresses bruised my arm with a damn chainsaw!!!!!!! I do not recommend field of screams at all!!!!!!

  32. haunted house lover says:

    I Dont care what these other people say about nightmare forest it is by far the best haunted house ive been to this season. The part that stood out to me most was the section after freddy. Im not sure what its theme was but there was one guy in there that really did his job. Its the guy pretty much in the back of the sight with the chin strap facial hair and tattoos. That guy was awesome he had me in the corner and was all in my face and would not let me by. I think i peed a little. So trust me I will be back and i’ll be sure to bring my friends as well.

  33. HalloweenAdict says:

    I havn’t been to a haunted house in ALONG time and my friend nick told me about some place in otter creek so he dragged me to Nightmare forest and it was epic, he was screaming n crap i think my favorite part that scared me was the room with the pumpkin tvs? lol so i totaly give this haunt at 5/5

  34. Erika says:

    Went last night and had the time of my life… the wait in line was well worth it and it honestly was worth my time and money….. the entire thing made my skin crawl as i was trying to avoid actors scaring the living world out of me…. Very greatly put together and I would have to say that the maze scared the life right out of me…. But then again everything had me screaming in fear because i didn’t know what was next… I highly recommend checking out Nightmare Forest if your into true horror..

  35. pissy pants says:

    I messed up my rating I give it five stars!

  36. pissy pants says:

    I went to Nightmare Forest and the Field of Screams last night. Nightmare forest was the best Haunted house I’ve ever been to! I Don’t know why those other people are bad mouthing it, maybe they are from another haunt and are jealous because they suck. I thought the attention to detail was great, and all the actors were very energetic and the make-up was awesome! Very scary, they had people coming from everywhere! so Scary I pissed my pants!On the Other Hand The feild of shit oh I mean the feild of screams was anything but screams. They were the ones that had alot of actors that would stand there smoking just looking at you as you walk by. the corn maze is lame! there is so much more they could do with it. I say spend your money wisely and go to Nightmare forest it is worth it!

  37. Angela says:

    I really enjoyed Nightmare Forest this year. They change things around so it different every year. The actors are great they know what they are doing. I think the clown maze was the best.

  38. Randy says:

    Hey I thought it was awesome! I went through it half way and almost couldnt finish XD field of screams couldnt even scare me like Nightmare forest did so I dont know what all you other people are saying but I thought it was great! Kudos to the actors out there working hard!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Went tonight it was awesome. The scenes are so real, you can’t even tell what actors are real and fake. Best haunt I have seen!

  40. This sucks says:

    Nightmare forest was the biggest waste of time and money. It wasn’t scary I didn’t even jump. It was really really short, I spent like an hour in line for a haunt that lasted 20 minutes. It was very boring. I figured being out in the woods would be awesome but it was very lame. The only cool part about the whole thing was waiting in line watching the movies.

  41. Sarah G. says:

    I work there this year, and I think it’s AWESOME!

    They did alot of work to get the sites all together and the actors are comming up with alot of new ideas. :) If i coulld take off a day i’d go through it myself. And i’d still probably scare myself.

    I also heard a pregnant lady went through it twice because she was try to go into labor?! LMAO

    Well, I believe it’s well worth the time and money. I apologize for the lines, but Even so; I hope you all come and visit us. Thanks- Vampires.

  42. Miranda says:

    Nightmare Forest is really good this season. I love that it is different every year. The clown maze is awesome. Keep showing the movies in the Drive-in!!!!!

  43. Heather says:

    I can not wait for Nightmare Forest to open this season. It is the best haunt that is out there and can’t wait to get my pants scared off!!!

  44. Billie says:

    I went to this and Wolf Creek last year. Nightmare Forest was AWESOME compared to the other. I can’t wait to go back this year. I don’t know what everyone above is complaining about but from what I have seen this is an awesome event. Highly recommended.

  45. Rod says:

    I agree with what everyone above says. Ten or fifteen years ago, this was the best outdoor haunted attraction I’ve ever been to. The Jurassic Park T-Rex, the spider tunnel, the Dracula castle, the Aliens transport, the Freddy school bus, the best Halloween ambulence scene ever, the zombie cemetery, the best Jason scene ever (in the lake!), the Terminator 18 wheeler, etc.

    I don’t know the folks who run it now, but it’s a sad shadow of itself, still bringing in people on its former glory. Mostly middle school aged kids are working there for free, not real actors. There’s a whole lot of mostly nothing out there. Except for actors on break smoking cigeretes as you walk by.

  46. David says:

    Such a sad, sad haunt. Back in the day, this was the best, now its a poor excuse for a haunt and I honestly dont know how they stay open.
    It’s been over ten years since this haunt was any good, they keep people coming back riding off that reputation it used to have I guess?
    I tried it last year and once again wasted my time and money.
    They need to go back to lab and reinvent themselves, such potential is there.

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  48. not scared says:

    what happened to the freddy bus? that is when nightmare forest was good and jason coming out of the water that was cool to. what about the scream guy coming off the wall on people. as for this year it wasn’t as good to me.

  49. Haunt Addict says:

    In my opinion, Nightmare Forest is the best haunt this year. The actors really got me. The line was long, but there were people to talk to and a movie playing. The first part definately got me the best. I almost peed myself. The screaming was intense. Kudos to the actors, they have to be hoarse by the end of the night. And I know they have to get cold. Nightmare Forest gets my vote!

  50. Ann Pearson says:

    This used to be a good haunt, but this year not so much. After waiting in line for over 2 hours (buy a speed pass if you DO decide to go) I was very disappointed. You walk through scene after scene and nothing really happens. The few actors they had were very young and didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves. One actress actually just walks up and keeps screaming in your face over and over, causes a headache, yes, scary…no. The scariest part was navigating a shaky bridge and trying to climb down rickety stairs without falling and taking out the group in front of you, it had “emergency room” written all over it. One scene had a house with plywood strewn over the dirt that was bouncy and the actor would yell “Get Out” and slam a chain down on the wood, causing the wood to jump. Not scary at all, except when I slammed my knee into a corner attempting to navigate through it, so no fun, no scare, just a limp.
    There are 2 trails this year, which I think might be the problem. The scenes and the actors are too spread out. Also, hire someone who can act, not high school students who really just don’t know how to scare an adult (aside from opening up their cellphone bill each month).
    On a sidenote, what concession stand in October at a haunted attraction doesn’t have coffee or hot chocolate? We’re cold!! Bring back the marshmallows and cocoa folks!!!

  51. Robert says:

    no this wasnt any good this year… the scenes looked good and all but no actors…..and if there was actors all the did was jump out and just stood there or do what the jason actor did and hum if own music……I give this a 1 out of 10

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