Louisville Zombie Attack Walk

The Louisville Zombie Attack is a Zombie Walk in Louisville, KY. What is a zombie walk you ask? Well, a Zombie Walk is an event where thousands of people come dressed as a zombie and the walk down the street just like you were walking into a Romero film. You would be astounded by the amount of corpses that raise from the dead for the Louisville Zombie Attack. This year, the meeting point of the walk is the corner of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Parkway¬†on August 29th around 8PM. At 8:29PM the walk will begin and all of the zombies well drag their rotting bodies down the street to the Highlands Taproom where a party awaits. Live music is provided at the Zombie Bash and they even have a costume contest where they award great prizes to some of the best zombie costumes. While it is a little outside of Halloween, we feel that this event is sort of a Kick-Off to the whole Halloween season in Louisville. It is a VERY neat haunted event in Louisville and it is a TON of Halloween-style fun. PLUS it’s FREE! If nothing else, go hang out on the street to watch as the Zombies take over the streets of Louisville. It’s definitely a fun people-watching event if you’re not in to dressing in costume to participate in the brain-eating fun!

Location: Corner of Bardstown Rd and Eastern Pkwy

Dates: Aug 29, 2015, 8:29PM

Price: FREE

Website: Click Here

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23 Reviews for “Louisville Zombie Attack Walk”

  1. Dracon says:

    This is all fine and good, however you guys need to make sure you broadcast to the local news and who ever several days before. Some people out there no matter how unrealistic it may be might be severely freaked out by this kind of thing and it might provoke some very unwanted kind of attack with some kind of weapon. Case in point my girlfriend is deathly afraid of zombies. Whether or not this fear is justified or even rational is not the point. for her to be walking down the street and suddenly see a zombie can cause an unwarranted and unnecessary panic attack. this in turn could could cause said woman to unwarranted attack without provocation. this would not be good for anyone involved especially the persons receiving the beat down because they wanted to dress up like a moron. I understand that people have the right to express themselves but can someone please explain to me why anyone would want to dress up like s character that is nothing more then a mindless stupid eating machine. Don’t we already call ourselves that just by calling ourselves Americans?

  2. ctrav says:

    maybe on a friday or saturday night it would be cool but a week night some people have to work…

  3. SkitzoFreak says:

    is the after party an all ages thing or what?

  4. Caswell says:

    ALWAYS a blast!! Just another reason to have a party in the Highlands. Gotta love the atmosphere and everyone of all ages participates. Love the zombie walk. Actually made myself a reminder of the date on my phone alarm….didnt want to miss it!!

  5. Sisi says:

    Acutally This year August 29th is a Wednesday. I think it may have been a Monday last year.

  6. Kingjohn says:

    Please visit louisvillezombieattack.org the official website for zombie attack to read updates, meeting points, entertainment schedule, etc. It should be a great time this year! we are meeting at Back Door, Big Bar, and Highland Tap room and walking on Bardstown and Grinstead to Monkey Wrench at 8:29 on 8/29! C U out there!

  7. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait for it this year! I don’t care if it’s on a Wednesday, I’ll stay home from school the next day if I have to! It’s so worth it!

  8. meghan says:

    Really wish I was able to go. Have fun everyone and stay safe!!

  9. Kim says:

    Looking forward to my first Zombie Walk! I am a Makeup Artist and currently working on a Zombie Movie! This should be a fun time

  10. danny says:

    the 29th is on a wednesday this year..have never did the zombie walk ,but think it would be fun to do it this year,,if dont forget about it….

  11. ThomasM195 says:

    Why are people complaining about it being on a Monday. That is when Halloween occurs!!! All holidays, just like this walk, should be celebrated on the actual day of the holiday, they shouldn’t be shifted to a weekend every time.
    My birthday should be celebrated on June 30 because that is when I was born, when my family wants to celebrate it on June 26 because that is more convenient for them, then they can have their party without me. Halloween should be celebrated on Oct. 31st no matter what day of the week it turns out to be. That includes trick-or-treaters. Why do they always make the kids do it on a weekend and then do it BEFORE dark? Why both? That is really stupid.

  12. EmmaJ says:

    Even if you can’t make it on the day that it is held that year, there are always other years ! It’s always held on August 29th, and 8:29pm because of the creators birthday [as previously stated]
    It’s extremely fun and an all around good time whether you go to take photos, advertise, be with friends, drink, eat, party, or just have a night out with the bardstown freaks. Don’t down vote just because you can’t make it, it’s tradition and a wonderful Zombie holiday for all whom enjoy it and can make it.

  13. Susan says:

    You guys are pussies!!! Who cares if it’s on a Monday!? I’m still going!!!

  14. So stoked!!!! Will have post-coverage from the event on the website I work for :) I will make sure to take lots of pictures!!!

  15. Paul says:

    Yes, I also thought Lucy’s comment was quite ridiculous. Everyone WILL be going anyway (except for Lucy). I think we set a world record last year for the most zombies in one place. Let’s break it 2nite!

  16. BonnieG says:

    Aug 29 every year is the originator’s birthday of this great event. This is not a
    “let’s make this convenient for you” event. Dec 25, Feb 14, Jan 1, Oct 31, wellknown
    holidays. In Louisville, Aug 29 has become a “holiday” for the evening zombie parade.
    If you can’t come until it’s convenient for you, then come in 5 years when it’s on a
    weekend, we’ll still be parading!!!

  17. JessC says:

    well prepare yourself cause next year it will be a wednesday…. doesnt matter what day it falls on it will always be on the 29th of August.

  18. Matren says:

    @Lucy Fur It’s always on the 29th.

  19. Lucy Fur says:

    This is retarded to be on a MONDAY. Great way to screw everyone out of going.

  20. 6h05ti3 says:

    By my calculations the 29th is Friday.

  21. betsy says:

    Why is this on a MONDAY night? I’m so disappointed I can’t make it! Wish it was on a weekend!!!

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