The Highlands Louisville Halloween Parade

The only parade in Louisville that is dedicated to Halloween presented by none other than What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a parade? The streets are filled with ghouls, goblins, and creatures of the night at the Highlands Louisville Halloween Parade in Louisville, KY. Many of the local haunted attractions, costume stores, and other Halloween events come out for the event. You can even see some really great Halloween floats. The Parade is October 16th on Baxter Avenue It is a great event to take the entire family or even your friends to see to get yourselves in the Halloween spirit. Best of all…it is FREE! You can’t beat free Halloween entertainment…especially a haunted Halloween parade right here in Louisville! Starts at the intersection of Baxter and Broadway then moves south on Baxter to intersection of Baxter and Highland, where it moves onto Bardstown Road and continues to Grinstead Drive. Distance is appx. 3/4 mile.

Former Stand up comedian turned Award winning TV personality, JIM BULLEIT began his media career in radio over 20 years ago with Otting Broadcasting at WQMF, and later with Clear Channel at 84WHAS and for other radio groups, Kool103, etc and so forth as the Masked Morning Super Hero Danger Boy receiving multiple awards and accolades. He continued into morning television at WDRB Fox 41 and CBS Affiliate WLKY 32 where he was an Emmy Award Recipient with multiple nominations. Jim and his wife Dena make their home in Southern Indiana where together they write and doctor television and film scripts and own their own production company. They have two children, Vivian and Michael. In his free time, Jim has been active in the community and personal interests. Having always been a fan of Halloween, he currently acts as the host of Louisville Halloween’s Exclusive Preview videos of some of the area’s best Halloween season businesses. We are honored and privileged to have him as this year’s Grand Marshal!

It is a parade unlike any other and you won’t want to miss it!

For further information, please call the parade office at 502-292-3033


Float – Lassiter Middle School
Single Vehicle – Dark Knight Evolves
Car Club – Dude Date
Band – no entries
Marching Group – Disturbed Souls
Comedy – Blues Brothers
Hearse – Industrial Terrorplex
Dance – Sutton Studio
Equestrian – Headless Horsemen
Animal – Great Pyrenese
Sweepstakes – Dreams with Wings

Congratulations! If you have not gotten your trophy, please contact us and we will help arrange pick-up

Location: Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY

Dates: Oct 16, 2015 at 7PM

Price: FREE

Phone Number: 502-292-3033

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17 Reviews for “The Highlands Louisville Halloween Parade”

  1. D Cummings says:

    What a great parade. Lots of adults and kidse dress up just watch the festivities. We really loved the Headless Horseman and Super woman on the horses. Best of all, it’s free.entertainment. It’s a great Friday night.

  2. D Cummings says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night. Adults and kids are dressed up just to watch the parade. The kids loved the Headless Horseman and Super Woman on horses. Fun, fun is the way to describe it.

  3. Tammy says:

    We got to bardstown rd at 6pm. Got our spot along bardstown rd by grinstead dr infront of chipotle. Parade started out nice but half way thru the parade was not continuious. Floats were spaced so far apart and people started standing in the street right infront of us. It was so bad that it made the parade down to one lane and floats could hardly get thru and we could not see any more. It was ridiculous!!!! We left!!! It was SO much better last year when caufields had control of parade. We will not be going back!

  4. shawn says:

    I very disappointed in the parade. The way everyone was shoving n pushing each other into the street. Me n my family just got to stand n watch ppl run in the street. Was scared some was gonna get injured. Plus what 3 things I did see weren’t that great. If u love ur kids don’t ever go it’s very dangerous. Plus not candy r anything just ppl running the streets like animals.

  5. April says:

    This would be my very first time go to a Halloween parade and I can not wait for it and what type of things do they have at the parade what time do it start and do they have little games… uh I can’t wait for it…

  6. Kim says:

    Love! Love! Love! The parade, I’ve been going for a few years now. I see that it’s on October 16th this year, but what time does it start? Can’t wait to see all the cool things this year.

  7. Keesha says:

    I was unaware of this parade before last year. A family member actually ask me to join her so I did. I typically am not a big Halloween fan but I really enjoyed this parade. I think I was more excited than my children. The makeup and costumes were so real looking. You guys did an awesome job with this. I was excited about this year last year. Today is the day and the weather is horrible. Will this have any effect on the parade? Will the show go on rain or shine or will this drizzle cause it to be rescheduled?

  8. Jesse says:

    My family has enjoyed this parade for the last 6-7 years however, the patrons that come to watch don’t understand that they can’t hang out in the street. People come early to get a good seat and those that show up later think it’s okay to stand in the road to receive the free candy. They have one cop that rides down Bardstown Road once and tells people to get off the street but they just go right back as soon as the cop car goes out of sight. My suggestion is that you don’t allow those in the parade to throw candy out and maybe have a trick or trunk at the end of the parade in the Mid City Mall’s parking lot. There were so many people complaining this year because people were crowding the streets just to receive a few pieces of free candy.

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  11. Don Hopwood says:

    How about publishing the date so we can plan 2012. Thanks, Don

  12. susie says:

    I never miss the Caufields parade, It is a lot of fun for the whole family. It needs to be advertised more, so more people can enjoy it.

  13. allie says:

    It was originally the 7th but they changed it. It even said the 7th in my Grey’s bookstore Student Planner. Hope that explains some of the confusion. :)

  14. damian says:

    The website says Oct 14th and you have the 7th listed

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