Industrial Terrorplex – 4 Haunts

The Industrial Terrorplex is a complex of haunted houses in Jeffersonville, IN. This place is always a great group of haunts to visit every year. The Industrial Terrorplex features 4 different haunted houses all in one location! These haunts include Industrial Nightmare, Dementions, Infected and the CarnEVIL 3D. FOUR incredibly scary haunts all in one location! In 2013, they TOTALLY renovated the Industrial Nightmare (one of the BIGGEST of the four haunts). They totally ripped out everything and started from a clean slate! The 2015 Halloween season will be the LAST chance you get to experience Industrial Terrorplex in Jeffersonville, as the building is already sold.

Opens Sept 18, Fridays and Saturdays through September. Also open Thursdays and Sundays starting Oct 8 and Wednesday through Saturday on the week of Halloween.

Location: 835 Spring St Jeffersonville, IN

Dates: Sept 18-Oct 31, 2015

Price: Two Haunt Combo $20, All Four Combo $30

Website: Click Here

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26 Reviews for “Industrial Terrorplex – 4 Haunts”

  1. E R S says:

    I went here last weekend and i have to say it was a little lame. WAY Overpriced if you ask me! Not worth $40. Ill give it too them that the place was huge, but it just got boring. It didnt seem that there were specific scenes, it was kind of muddy looking. Almost every wall was covered with cheap plactic catacomb and stones. Almost every actor just stood there and snarled in your face and wouldnt let you pass which got highly annoying. 98% of the actors just seemed lazy, only three were entertaing to watch. Now if you’re into the scares where they follow you around and get close in you face, this may be the haunt for you, but I would like it if there was a big jump impact kind of scare. However this never happened here which was dissapointing. there were a few actors who didnt even have costumes on, this one actor just had jeans and a hoodie on with an all white wolf mask, it looked terrible, i kinda felt bad that the haunt gave him that to scare in. if you gave the haunt more orginazation in each scene and taught the actors to do hard impact scares, than this place would be pretty damn cool. ill be back on out of curiousty to see how well they have improved.

  2. Angela says:

    This place scared the crap out of me. They DO touch you.

  3. David says:

    Industrial TerrorPlex is, hands down, the GREATEST HAUNT ON EARTH. It has the best value. It has the best actors. It has the best scenes. This attraction destroys the boundaries of sanity in a massive fortress of four haunts guaranteed to satisfy every demented palate. A maniacal, vampiric ringmaster (Dr. V.) greets you at the door. And, like the ferryman of the dead, crosses you and your comrades over a river of evil into the breed of nightmares the mind can only try to block. Industrial TerrorPlex is the extreme haunted house written about as urban legend. Because of the intensity of this attraction, countless guests have bailed out from fear. And no one has seen everything. The detail and the magnitude of The Industrial TerrorPlex is overwhelming. DON’T MAKE THE DOCTOR WAIT. And NEVER tell him your name!

  4. Jake says:

    This place is the best haunt I have seen in quite a while. From eerie swamps to satanists with chain saws and laughing maniac clowns it is a twisted and scarey experience. The actors are interactive and animated. This coupled with the Hollywood quality affects creates an intense and terrifying atmosphere. Anyone thinking about going definitely should. 100% worth the time and money.

  5. kara says:

    Went to Industrial on Sept 26th. Went thru all 4 haunts, and all 4 were better than last year. I’m happy to say this place never disappoints!! Every one needs to check it out!!

  6. Jason says:

    Best haunted house I’ve been to and I go to all of them. I’ve been all over louisville to all the haunts and even to seymore and none of them are worth the money and wait in line for the price compared to this place. It’s massive! They have 4 different haunted houses inside and each one is about 15 minutes to walk through. And you get two for the price of one or all 4 for the price of 2 anywhere else. It’s over the top and beyond what I’ve seen in louisville and gets better every year. The chainsaw guys in the maze they have are ridiculously insane. And in all the years we’ve been going there we’ve never had a problem. Definately worth it and definately intense. They go beyond what other haunted houses in the area do. I love that place!!!

  7. Hannah says:

    had a great time! the actors have really stepped it up from last year, i was impressed. the props are amazing, lots of time and work put into making this haunt. definitely my favorite i have been to so far and i will definitely be going back!

  8. Teresa says:

    I went last year and there was a drunk actor that wouldnt let us pass until we shoved him out of the way. We talked to management but they didn’t care. Apparently this is acceptable behaviour. Was really hoping it was a one time incident but apparently it is not so we will not be going back.

  9. Chris says:

    Whooaaaaaaa!!!!! Awesome scare ! It was like my worst nightmare come true!!!! Best haunted house ever!!!!

  10. Kim says:

    Best haunted house ever, scared the crap out of us all. Will definitely be returning and recommending to friends!

  11. Todd says:

    I will not be back. My girlfriend and I went with a group of friends, and while the Industrial Nightmare attraction was actually quite good, the ‘actors’ went a little too far. Several felt they had free rein I guess due to their anonimity and pushed the envelope with A LOT of inappropriate touching. One of the guys actually TRIED TO BITE MY NIPPLE! He was lucky that all that happened to him was a hard shove into the wall. One of the actors even squeezed the breasts of one of the women in our group. Very very unprofessional, and honestly, illegal. Unless you guys are OK with possible lawsuits, you need to get your actors under control.

  12. krystle says:

    It was awesome. I think the best part is that they can touch you! Hahah (: Great time for sure!!

  13. amanda says:

    went to the terrorplex last year and it was awesome. really liked it and will most likely go again

  14. Lee says:

    If I wanted to get scared by malfunctioning machines, I’d stay at work.

  15. Nikki says:

    This place was sooo scary and I had a blast…I would STRONGLY like to recommend to the owners when people are apporaching Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) and Michael Myers (Halloween) have the theme music from the movie playing as people are approaching, this will help with the scare and really creep under people skins when they jump out! Recommend music from Friday the 13th playing as well this will help intensify the haunt! they played the music for the Michael Jackson part so they should do it for the others too! I’m really scared on Michael Myers!! The elevator part was the best!! Loved it all!! 4 Stars….with the music in back it will be 5 stars!!!

  16. GRod says:

    i had a great time my girlfriend was on my hand the whole time haha ,it is the best place to go get scared !

  17. Renee says:

    O my gosh. What a great haunted house. My family and myself drove over an hour just to go to Industrial Torrorplex this year. We make the trip every year. We are planing to go twice this year. The actors were great. They get scarier every year. The new room were fantastic. I loved the probs but most of all the 3d maze. It looks so cool with the glasses. My BFF peed her pants and had to sit out the last part of the house because she was so scared. The staff was very helpful and even tho the line was long the amazing ticket takers had us in stitches. So we did not mind the wait. The price is great for what you get. It took us over an hour and a half to go all the way though the house. The only thing I would have to say bad is last year there was food and drink to buy and this year there wasn’t. Oh and because of the awesome job they did my front seat ended up wet. Lmao

  18. Maria says:

    Had such a great time, one of my friends had to leave early cause they were so scared, lol. Will be back again as many times as we can before season is over

  19. Susan says:

    Had a really good time, best haunt been to in a while. We had to line up for a bit but it was totally worth the wait. We originally went fri and only bought tickets for 2 of the 4 houses and ended up going back on the sat for the other 2, AWESOME!!!

  20. Amanda says:

    I was honestly unimpressed by the haunted house. My family and I both went..By the time we went home I was very upset. One of the doors closes behind you quickly, and almost smashed my daughter. Also the people working there were very rude. I will not be back.

  21. Amanda says:

    I was honestly inimpressed by the haunted house. My family and I both went..By the time we went home I was very upset. One of the doors closes behind you quickly, and almost smashed my daughter. Also the people working there were very rude. I will not be back.

  22. MARIA says:

    i loved this haunted house and i visted it this past thursday and i thought it was fun and worth the money therefore tommarow iam taking a group of kids to the terrorplex for a second scary hope its just as scary. This year we have been to two in lexington and fear fair rocks i love the scenes their great. scream park was fun anbd had its scares too we also went to field of screams sucked we got put in groups of 50 no scare in that and nightmare forest was way better last year. i think the haunted hotel sucks and i have not been to the devils attic this year but i wish 13 fears was still open it was great and we also went to fortwayne indiana and went to the haunted castle and the cave it was fun especial the castle were looking to go to uss nightmare in newport ky its in the top 10 of the us well see

  23. Ashley Ashley says:

    This place is huge! It’s worth the combo price to see all of them, but Industrial Nightmare was my favorite of the 4. There are a lot of animatronics. The actors are very good and definitely get right up in your face. I had a great time.

  24. Chris says:

    this place was one of the best haunted houses ive been to in many years. im glad i chose to go to this one this past weekend. if you are looking for a good scare and see really good props and actors this would be the place to go.

  25. Rod Whitenack says:

    Of the haunted attractions I’ve visited this year, this one clearly had the biggest budget. If you want to see all the latest props, animatronics and scare techniques, this is the place to go. Although I balked a bit at the $28 asking price to experience all four haunts, I ended up feeling like I got a fair deal as we were in the haunts for over an hour and all of them were pretty amazing except the 3D clown maze, but even that was moderately fun. The biggest horror there, for me, was being subjected to loud Insane Clown Posse music for 10 minutes while trying to escape the twisting chain link maze. You’ll see all the expensive props from Distortions that you may have seen on Travel Channel’s “Making Monsters,” as well as many I haven’t seen before (and I’ve been to HauntCon). The first two haunts are in top form and the swamp scene where you actually feel like you are descending up to your neck in the bog has been absolutely perfected and is really a MUST SEE for any haunt fan. It’s an original invention at Industrial Nightmare, one of their best ideas ever, and stands up as a world class haunted attraction scene. There was a really disturbing maniac of an actor that cornered us in the close confines of the second elevator scene and probably damaged my psychological well being. There is still a complicated maze of total darkness to explore, but it’s not it’s own attraction now, just part of the second haunt. The two new haunts are in the basement of the complex, which is now opened up. The new Infected maze is better than I expected, making use of all the new artificial wall pannels to create a cave like experience. The history of horror movies museum still fills the waiting room and new props like a giant winged gargoyle hanging form the building’s roof adorn the huge complex. Overall, this is the biggest, slickest and most world class haunted attraction I’ve seen currently in the Louisville area when all the factors are added together. I still like Fear Fair as a single haunted attraction, but when all four of these haunts (at least everything except the clown maze) are put together, it’s hard to beat the entertainment value.

  26. Scary Dude says:

    Outstanding palce I would buy 2 tickets it is that good

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