Industrial Nightmare

Industrial Nightmare has been deemed the Mother of all haunted houses, and rightfully so! Industrial Nightmare is a massive haunted houses in Jeffersonville, Indiana. It has state of the art special effects, sound, and costumes. For 2013, they have TOTALLY renovated the Industrial Nightmare (one of the BIGGEST of the four haunts). They totally ripped out everything and started from a clean slate! So it is going to be exciting to see the new things they have in store for us this year. Not only can you experience Industrial Nightmare, but you can experience one of the 3 other haunted houses all in one location! The Industrial Nightmare Terrorplex has FOUR haunted houses all under one roof! Don’t miss the Mother of ALL Haunted Houses.

Location: 835 Spring St Jeffersonville, IN

Dates: Sept 20-Nov 2, 2013

Admission: ALL 4 HAUNTS $28

Website: Click Here

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Rating: 5.5/10 (260 votes cast)
Industrial Nightmare, 5.5 out of 10 based on 260 ratings

22 Reviews for “Industrial Nightmare”

  1. marie says:

    We go every year on Halloween and last year we were the very last like 4 ppl there in the whole place –AND IT WAS STILL THE BEST HAUNTED ATTRACTION YET –I just hope Im not disappointed this year since halloween isnt the last night of the haunt –I want to be by ourselfs again :) LOVED IT LOVED IT– will post another comment when we go thursayd for halloween

  2. Sabrina says:

    I have never been. My birthday is tomorrow and I plan on going this weekend. What are the hours and how long is each attraction?

  3. Ashley Mullins says:

    The parents and I went to it last Saturday and I thought it was freakin AWESOME!!! its so worth the money for all four. It took us 2 hours to complete. I loved the 3D one in the end where it really was a carnival. The slide was cool and the maze was even cooler, but the best part was the tunnel in the beginning!!! I love those kind of tunnels where you feel like your about to fall. This will deffinately be an experience ill never forget!! Although in the end of the first haunted house I did fall and skid my knees because of the chainsaw guy… Oh and one last thing! Did anyone else see GORElieth from Distortions off the show called making monsters? I was so happy to see it in person!! this is overall an awesome 10 stars!! I had a great night :D

  4. gary weigleb says:

    SUCKED, WE PAID 100.00 dollars for 5 kids and it only latsted 35 min. Don’t waste time or money, ITS A RIP OFF, WE WILL TELL EVERONE!!!!

  5. Janet Bogard says:

    I thought this was so scary. The props are 110% Great we loved it I went with my Son and his wife and kids the Kids were freaked out but wanted to go again after it was over it is well worth the money we went to all 4 and it was Awesome you will not be disappointed very very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also they take a photo of your group and put it online at there website we liked that alot.

  6. sienna says:

    i had a good time

  7. John says:

    Great experience! Definitely worth my money!

  8. Amber says:

    BEST HAUNTED HOUSE OUT THERE. Don’t care what any of you all say — it was FREAKING AWESOME. Just went this last weekend for their opening night and all the new stuff was GREAT. Awesome Job keep it up!!!

  9. me says:

    i dont care what anyone says. this is the best haunt out there. the actors were great. never let up. scared my whole group everytime. intense

  10. David says:

    I went to this haunt last season, I think the best part was the foggy swamp, that was really cool! My only complaint was that the actors broke character, I hate when people do that or when they yell really stupid lines like “I’m gonna get you!” or “get out!” I never understood that at haunted houses why do all the spooks yell “Get out!”? thats not scary at all.
    My kids and I had fun here though, we didnt do the pitch black we were warned to save our money by the people infront of us in line who said it was a waste.

  11. bobforhours says:

    Good haunt I guess, thats if you don’t want to be scared at all!! They do have some kool ideas but that is about it…When actors break character and start talking how is that scary?? I will have to say when you walk through the fog (that reminds of the swamp) it would be alot better if someone was there to scar people!! How in the heck do you find a maze scary??? I sure don’t but it helps you sleep at night keep it, but I think I would trash it and make better use of that space for some thing else…..I won’t be back unless the fees are free and they hire better actors…..A couple of the acotrs was saying they get paid, you really pay them for this??

  12. Justin says:

    This haunted house was the worst haunted house i ever stepped in. I went thru and every actor was out of their places and then tried to hide and then tried to scare me and my group which was stupid. they had some cool props but the actors just wasnt intense or anything. DONT WASTE MONEY ON GOING HERE

  13. Ashley Powers says:

    A group of friends and i drove from Dayton, Ohio to see this haunted house (Industrail Nightmare). It was amazing. The actors were top of the line scary. Never let up. not even when my bff peed her pants. The rooms where bloody and the smallest of details were the best. Most people dont pay much attention to the little things that make the room but i was damed if i was going to drive that far and not have a good look around. The price was awesome for what you get. 4 houses in one. The combo is the way to go. Best of everything. I plan to go year after year.

  14. good times says:

    I went to Industrial Nightmare with my husband and a bunch of friends. We had a blast. It is really worth the money. Where else you gonna get 4 haunts in one place? The actors there really know their stuff and the props are absolutely amazing. It is definitely one that we will be revisiting this Halloween season.

  15. pinkbooty says:

    i went through industrial last weekend with my girlfriends, we had an awesome time, got really scared, their actors obviously know what they are doin, i nearly peed myself, more than once. we loved it that much we will be going back halloween weekend, so worth the money. Everybody should go and check it out, Good job people at industrial!!

  16. titfest says:

    usually, i am not one to jump at haunted houses but industrial nightmare was intense. even waiting in line they had the ability to catch me off gaurd. Industrial mad lots of changes this year and i was scared shitless. not to mention they made my girlfriend piss her pants in demensions!! she has never been so embarrassed and scared in her life! it was totally worth the money.. pitch black totally fucked my world up.. i swore i was going to murder those guys.. they scared the piss outta us. all and all it was totally worth the money. id go back

  17. Bob Peyton says:

    Went last weekend with my boys. industrial nightmare itself was pretty good. lots of props and less actors, but my boys liked it. pitch black was no good and got stressful.
    I would suggest industrial nightmare, but save your time and money on pitch black.

  18. Suzanne says:

    Industrial Nightmare is such a waste of time. They rely only on animatronics and masks to scare people and it’s just not scary. The “zombie” stripper didn’t even look like a Zombie, but someone just randomly dancing on a pole… just stupid. The person taking our money screwed up and tried to charge us more/ per ticket. It’s been the same every year and is just boring.

  19. screamqueen says:

    Pitch Black is the worst haunt I’ve ever been to.

  20. Scare Master says:

    All of Hauntednetworks Haunted Houses Rock….. Haunted Hotel and Industrial Nightmare……

  21. Jessica says:

    Of course 4 haunted houses in one building is tons of fun. Where else could you get 4 haunts for so cheap? It is scary and feeds on all your fears. It is one of the best places to go during Halloween season.

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