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Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel is celebrating 25 Years of continuous terror in 2015! Starting out with an elevator that takes you on a nightmarish ride to the 13th floor for an encounter with Gustav, the creepiest elevator operator on Earth. The Haunted Hotel is known for its extreme scares, blood curdling effects, and gruesome scenery. Definitely one of the goriest haunts in the Ville and one of the top haunted houses in the city. This year, the Haunted Hotel crew has been busy tearing down and completely renovating most of the interior scenes of the haunt to give guests something special for it’s 25th Anniversary!


Location: 3000 S Fourth St Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 11 – Oct 31, 2015

Price: $20, VIP $29

Website: Click Here

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Rating: 6.5/10 (603 votes cast)

55 Reviews for “Haunted Hotel”

  1. Mary says:

    Seriously the scariest haunted hotel I have ever been to. From the beginning where you are alone in an elevator with a shadow on the ceiling and you just KNOW he will be coming down when the elevator stops….just the anxiety and adrenaline is so thrilling. When they say they’re allowed to touch you, oh they touch you alright. In the most creepy manner possible! I have never screamed so much in my life but it was so fun at the same time. Wish I was able to pause for a moment to see the props within the rooms but I’ll be honest, I was too afraid to. Love!

  2. Kayla says:

    This is by far my favorite haunted house! Everything from the beginning to end was amazing! I even loved the guy at the beginning who went through the rules with us! I love the fact that the actors can grab and touch you, it makes it that much more enjoyable! It is and hopefully will always be the best haunt in Kentucky!

  3. john mathes says:

    Second year, this time we took my girlfriend’s kids had a great time.I enjoyed all the new features and displays.

  4. LJ says:

    Argh – once a year and no more than that! The entire experience, from DK in the first scene (easily one of the best) to the elevator that follows (also one of the best) to the horrible giant plants and maze at the end is terrifying. A friend of mine was in town and wanted to go so I agreed – and then bailed halfway through. He had to go the rest alone! My voice, as usual, was hoarse from screaming and I’m pretty sure I left nail marks in my friend’s hand and arm. I don’t know if it was because it was just the two of use (usually I go through in a bigger group so I can hide in the middle) or if it’s ramped up more this year (maybe both) but as I told some friends that are going tomorrow, nope! Definitely, definitely, only once a year for me!

    This of course is all a compliment to the hotel and the actors, props, and special effects contained within. Guests beware!

  5. Tammy says:

    Ok we went to 5 haunted attractions in one night and this was our first stop and it was AWESOME! We was the first in line and felt like we got V.I.P. treatment the entire time. The actors were wonderful! The elevator ride was insane and the scenes were crazy good. The actors will touch you, grab you and scare the CRAP out of you and thats exactly what we wanted. I’ve been going to the Haunted Hotel for over 15 years and it remains my favorite in Louisville. Can’t wait for next year!

    • kevin - owner says:

      Tammy I remember you guys and it was a pleasure!! We are glad you continue to support us and glad to see after 15 years, we are still scaring the crap outta you guys!!!

  6. Hannah O says:

    This was my first haunt experience as a new resident of Louisville, and my first experience with a touch allowed haunt. I was very excited after reading some good reviews, but ultimately it fell flat.

    This is the first haunt I have ever been to that had no line entertainment whatsoever. There was no effort to increase the suspense or set the mood; just a long, long line of people. I would have appreciated some actors interacting with the crowd, or at least something to set the mood. In addition, there seemed to be no running story line for the haunted hotel, just a mix of different themes from room to room.

    Where were all the actors? Most of the haunt seemed focused on props and fog with very few actors. And the touching? There’s nothing scary about someone messing up your hair. I wanted to be scared.

    This haunt was also VERY short, and in the outdoor portion it seemed as though they had run out of ideas and carelessly shoved a couple actors with harmless chainsaws in there. I wish I could give an A for effort, but the effort seemed very lacking.

    Good points: the elevator was really cool. I wish the rest of the haunt was as good as the first five minutes was.

    • kevin - owner says:

      Hannah, thank you for your feedback and welcome to the city. Sorry our show didn’t live up to your expectations. Hopefully you will come back again and give us a shot. Some things that did not scare or work for you have seem to work on the masses from the feedback we get including the touching and the chainsaws. We appreciate any and all criticism, as it helps us address any issues or concerns to tackle in the future!


  7. Stephanie clements says:

    My best friend and I love Halloween and visit haunted houses everywhere. This year was our first experience with haunted hotel and I have to say it is one of the best if not the best we have ever been too. The actors done a great job keeping character and we will defiantly pass the word about this attraction! Tonight we visited waverly hills, baxters morgue, and it’s safe to say we saved the best for last with the haunted hotel! Great job guys keep up the good work.

  8. Kevin - Owner says:

    As we do appreciate constructive ciriticism , saying that the place smelled gross seems to be a compliment. As we actually do this on purpose. In our fog machines we use added scents like mold, mildew, rotting corpse and other smells. We understand The Haunted Hotel is not for everyone. We don’t try to be like standard cookie cutter haunted attractions . We are a full contact in your face haunt as is thoroughly posted on all signage. There is absolutely no hazard in the shock panels you touched at all. It is a Halloween and Haunted House prop specifically designed for haunted attractions. Again, we apologize our show didn’t live up to your expectations, but the masses and masses on a nightly basis love this type of show . Several of our characters interact with dialogue and other go crazy with screaming and yelling. Again sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea and we appreciate your feedback.

  9. christine says:

    This haunt is one thing… disappointing! The only way they get a scare out of someone is by rough housing with them! Use your talent (if you have any) and actually act! Most of these “actors” just made loud noises in our face and then touched all over us. There was no story line and the place smells gross! Most of the actors seemed uninterested in being there and didn’t try very hard at all. There was no warning that the walls were going to shock us either! That is a hazard why do they even make those things! The only things scary about this place was the guy in the elevator (he is the standard that all of the others should be like) and thay puffy white thing because it looked super unhygienic and gross! Don’t waste your money on this place.

  10. Joey downs says:

    I can’t believe you cut the elevator attendant out. that guy was and is the heart of that place, he brings you to that place he comes and plays as hard as **** and you can’t give him a mention that’s messed up yo.

  11. Sarah says:

    I have a question do the actors and actresses touch you during the experience

  12. Tracey says:

    I try to visit at least 3 haunted houses a year and I have to say that this is the best I have seen in the Kentucky/southern Indiana area! The scare tactics were great and the actors were excellent! I loved that they don’t put you with a bunch of other people! The wait is long but other than that I don’t think this this place can be beat! Well worth the money!

  13. Armando Luna says:

    Haunted hotel is defiently the best place to go to get an awesome scare ! For one very low price you get to go through a crazy check in, a very scary hellavator ride and explore the scariest hotel i kentucky! I higly advise you to check this haunt out this haunting season!

  14. Harley Sweet says:

    Amazing!!! The best haunt I have been to! The actors were fantastic all in all incredible!

  15. jim says:

    If I had to sum up the haunted hotel in one word it would be, AMAZING. This place is truly second to none. I and three friends went this past weekend on Saturday October 5, and if I was to say it rained that would be an understatement, many streets were shut down due to flooding so we had to take our boat just to get there (LOL just kidding, but it did take us longer to arrive than expected.)

    Once inside this seemingly small haunted attraction we were trapped. Every actor in this place from the creepy bell hop guy you first encounter to the chainsaw wielding freaks outside will poke and prod until you give them the reaction they want from you. The actors here can and will touch you, but it only makes your experience at the haunted hotel that much better.
    If you are only planning on only going to one or two haunted attractions this year, this is a must see and well worth the money.

  16. Michelle says:


  17. kay d says:

    this was my FIRST haunted house EVER and im from Indianapolis, IN. Back in 2010 I drove to Louisville just to get away for the day/night and found this haunted hotel… and I let them know ive never been to any one before. BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Im thinking about going again this year (2013) soon!

  18. Nathan S. says:

    Best haunt I have ever been to! Usually I can tell where the characters wii make their entrance but this place kept me guessing. It’s short but kept me entertained/spooked all the way til the end. Loved it and will be returning next year =)

  19. Angie *Gypsy* says:

    Amazing time at this place. Being very desensitized after years of exposure to horror movies, got to and working at haunted houses and such, was quite awesome to go into a haunt that actually got a few scares out of me. The actors, the scenery, the props.. All just excellent. My fiance and I drove two hours to go to this haunt, from Bloomington, IN to Louisville, IN, and it was worth it. We’ve been to so many haunts in the past, but this is one of the few we will add to the repeat visit list.

  20. Lauren K. says:

    Went to the Haunted Hotel last night and had a blast! Loved all the chainsaw weilding guys in masks, especially the clowns! If you don’t like to be touched, this isn’t the haunt for you, but if you really want a full, creepy experience with all the uncomfortable touching that goes with it…this has it! They don’t discriminate who they touch, men and women…they don’t care. I’ve never been to a haunted house that actually hit you with the chainsaw, but they do and it’s great! It’s unexpected and totally freaked me out, and I don’t get scared that easily! A must go for the Halloween lover!! :)

  21. Vamp Kitti says:

    First Id like to say to the person that went through a “haunt” with injuries and then complain about it afterwards is a little ridiculous. I know they wanted to have some fun but your health and safety shouldve come first and I had NO ONE push me when I went through and the touching was just that TOUCHING.

    Now to my review:
    My husband and I have been going to haunted hotel for years and compared to previous years these guys and gals have stepped up their game. It was AMAZING. From the creepy greater guy at the beginning that gets up close in your personal space, kind of turned me on a little, to the spider money guy in the elevator that scared me FOUR times before I left to the new scenery, the sounds, the lights, the gun fire, the grabbing EVERYTHING was stepped up a mighty notch or two, or three , or four. I highly enjoyed going to this haunt this year and am recommending it to EVERYONE to go see. We went on a thursday (slow night) and the actors performed as if it was a busy saturday night. From beginning to end this haunt was much improved and I am hoping to make it back again before the end of the season. It was that good in my opinion. Thank you guys and ghouls for making my Thursday night ROCK.

  22. LJ says:

    I don’t usually do “scary.” I’ve not been to a haunted house since I was a kid. But I screamed bloody murder for the duration of our “stay” and had an absolute blast! I was very glad that I decided to brave it… and survived. The other members of our group also enjoyed themselves. One – a fan of haunted houses – said he hadn’t been that freaked out in a haunted house in years.

    The actors were great – especially the Innkeeper at the start. Brilliant!

    I’ve seen some of the reviews criticizing the touching, however, no one in our group had any issues. I was concerned about it myself, but did not find anything inappropriate or overly aggressive.

    You do get chased, so be prepared to do some running. (Hey, you can skip your daily workout if you’re planning a trip to the Haunted Hotel that day. Bonus!)

    Well done! Bravo to the actors! Would absolutely recommend. Just don’t piss off the Innkeeper when he’s looking for the key. He’s just trying to help you out, after all.

  23. samantha says:

    Went on Sunday and we were aware of touching. Had a person in the group who had just had surgery and still was told only light touching. Touching part didn’t bother us but the pushing and shoving of that person was not light touching. This place is ridiculous and to come out of a haunted house with an injured person was certainly beyond ridiculous.

  24. Seth says:

    I thought the Hotel was awesome!!! I see they’ve had some controversial reviews below…… i think those have to be bogus. i went and loved it. My whole group of(5 of us) had a great time. They told us there would be touching before we entered. if you’re not down then don’t go. It’s stupid to go into some place knowing what they’re going to do and then complain later. It’s def not a haunted house for kids. If you’re bringing a younger kid through any haunted house you’ve prob got issues in my book. Any-who they did an amazing job! Great actors, and the actors working the line were fun! they made me jump and haunted houses usually don’t bother me. Some of the scenes didn’t make sense(the way the actors looked compared to their scenes) but they still got me so I’ll over look it!! 10 Pumpkins in my book. WAY BETTER THAN THE LAST FEW YEARS!!!

  25. baber says:

    how long is this thing ?

  26. Amanda says:

    By far one of the best haunted houses in ky. I’ve been n the past but this yr was much better than before! I was skeptical about the actors touching you but it made the experience that much more intense n scary! I go to ALOT of haunted house every yr but this is my favorite so far! Finally a place using real actors really trying to scare u instead of props and animatronics!

  27. Lexington Alex says:

    You can tell the review below really doesn’t show any merit. Our group has been through this house twice this year already. We come from Lexington multiple times per year and have never ever experienced anything like the below review… The Haunted Hotel is amazing and we love it!!! The bellhop in the front is intense and awesome. Keep up the good work Hotel and these fake reviews will drown out.

  28. BryanxEdge says:

    Went through last night. Holy crap. All I have to say. The intensity starts as soon as the door slides open and doesn’t let up until you get back in your car. The element of touch takes things to a whole new level as well. If you haven’t gone yet, be forewarned; you’re probably gonna do some sprinting in the maze. At least I did. Will definitely make a second trip.

  29. Haunt Group Reviews _ chris says:

    What an amazing place! From the time you buy a ticket to the time you leave the fun never stops! Some of the best actors i have experienced in a long time. Hotel has more intensity than ever and the changes are great. Took us around 20 minutes to get through the haunt and the line moved very well. Haunt seemed organized with friendly staff. Definitely a staple to this area and you can see why it’s always one of the best. Kudos to you Haunted Hotel. We will see you again for the Lights Out tour on Nov 2!!! Can’t Wait!! 9.5/10 rating (9 pumpkins)

  30. Paul says:

    On of the best in Louisville. i really enjoyed it, had pretty good actors with nice props and scenes. The Elevator scene was very creative and it got a lot of scares. i give it a 7 out of 10

  31. tim says:

    By far the best haunted house of the year give it ten out of ten

  32. Brayden says:

    Went to Haunted Hotel on Saturday and it was, in a word, INTENSE! I go to a lot of haunted houses and I usually don’t feel threatened by the actors but at Hotel, I was grabbed by someone in the butcher room and thrown against a wall while at the same time, a heavy hammer hit the wall next to my head! It only got better from there and by the time it ended, my friends and I were running out the exit. The entire cast was incredible and it’s one haunt you shouldn’t miss!

  33. Richard says:

    The person below is ridiculous. Went at 11pm and the show was still full force. Really scary and had my sister screaming her pants off.

  34. bobby says:

    I went last weekend and I was really disappointed. They put us with people we didn’t know and they ran through it, this through off the actors timing. Some of that wasn’t there fault but I still think it was weak.

  35. Lorri says:

    Me & 4 of my friends went last night (9/28/12) and it was totally awesome…we were scared to death and screamed all the way through. This is the second haunted attraction we’ve been to this season and this one is scarier then the one we went to a couple of weeks ago. We LOVED it and had an AWESOME time!!!!! The actors did a GREAT job in scaring the hell out of us all!!!!!

  36. Katie Barnes says:

    I was really excited about going to the haunted hotel last sat because of new owners, even had friends come stay from out of town for the ‘haunt night’ was very disappointed, the actors seemed tired or not in the mood and we didn’t go that late, the change was good, but I expected more after the whole hype about the `new hotel` I enjoyed seeing new scenes but that was about it. Don’t think I will visit the hotel again which i am sadened to say as it been my favorite haunt for so long

  37. Rebecca says:

    I loved it! Having worked in the haunt industry for a few years, I don’t usually scare anymore, but I jumped a couple of times in the Hotel. From the first monologue to the last chainsaw, this haunt was entertaining, detailed, and fun.

    Props to the guys in the elevator. They were fun.

    I would definitely go again, if it weren’t such a long drive from Lexington.

  38. Amber says:

    Hotel sucked!! Actors weren’t even scary, it was so much better last year :(

  39. Michele says:

    The haunted hotel was way better this yr then,last yr. I loved the touchn the actors did it gave me chills! Good job haunted hotel!

  40. deuce says:

    The new attractions this year made it even better !!

  41. Kolton Sneed says:

    Haunted hotel was good last year, but this year is going to be the best yet

  42. krazy says:

    i give it a 10 a damn 10

  43. Kristen says:

    I went to Haunted Hotel last night (10/13/11) at about 9 PM. I’m sad to say that I was a little disappointed with their show this year. I have been to Haunted Hotel 3 times over the last 2 years. This visit, it seemed that their actors timing was off. They were not very intense. My favorite scene of the haunt, the elevator, was not functioning properly. A lot of the mechanics of the haunt were exposed (speakers, sensors, etc) I also thought the haunt was a little brighter than it should have been, which may have been the reason their speakers and sensors were exposed. Their props, as always were excellent. The detail in the sets is very good. Their soundtrack is unique, but could have been a little louder. The price is comparable to other haunts in the area, take advantage of the coupon available. I was startled a number of times, this visit just wasn’t as good as previous trips to Haunted Hotel. This may be because it was a Thursday night, which is usually an off night for most haunted attractions. 6 out of 10.

  44. Tman says:

    Great haunt. Ran into people from Florida that said go. We have none in our state to speak of. The intensity is off the chain and timing is great. Add some crazy a$s actors and this place rocks. How come your rate chart says 10 but you can only rate 5

    • PumpkinKing PumpkinKing says:

      The 5 pumpkin rating is for your individual review. The 10 pumpkin post for the haunt can also be voted on simply by clicking the pumpkins beneath the haunt. Thanks, Pumpkin King.

  45. David says:

    This was a fun haunt last year, the christmas scene was priceless!
    I heard a lot of people say this was the best haunt in Louisville, maybe I went on an off night or something but it was good, but I wouldn’t say the best.
    Still a great haunt, and I’m looking forward to it this year.

  46. bobforhours says:

    Ya Kristen you are right never knew what you was walking into, one room after the next…I never felt that I left the first room….If every haunt is turning the corner and not knowing where the hell your at until the non scary guyy/gal jumps out at you then hello do something about it!!! Don’t be afraid to change things around…

  47. Kristen W. says:

    Went to the Haunted Hotel Thursday night. Overall I thought the haunt was very good. Every scene was FULL of things to look at, which kept me from noticing any actors hidden in the rooms, until they jumped out. I thought the scenes were very creative, and you never really knew what you were walking into next. The sets were decorated very appropriately. The actors were intense and costumes and make-up were good. I thought that this haunt was a little heavy in the chainsaw area and the chainsaw carrying actors were relentless. I also never really jumped much, but this may have had something to do with my position within my group. Overall a great haunt that pays special attention to detail!

  48. Nora says:

    Haunted Hotel was excellent this year. It had been almost completely changed from last year. A lot of new additions. The maze at the end was changed and added some fun house designs to it. The shotgun suicide was not there but the cast still delivers startles all throughout the haunt. We were going to skip the hotel this year because last year it was pretty much the same as the year before, but we decided since we were in the area to stop in and so glad we did! Compared to the other haunts I have been to in the area they have some of the most aggressive characters around.

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