The FandomFest is another neat event that is a bit early for the Halloween season, but it is a great horror/Halloween related event in the Louisville area. FandomFest is a Louisville’s very own horror, sci-fi, film, and comic convention. Many horror movie stars come out for the event and you can even get autographs! This festival is big to-do in the Ville and the size of this event has become INCREDIBLE over the last several years. This year, it is over DOUBLE the size as last years, and from what we’re told in 2014 it will grow even more which is almost unbelievable because it already consists of the Galt House and an enormous area in the International Convention Center.

In addition, they offer many fun events and great programming focusing on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Workshops, panel-discussions (including a panel-discussion by yours truly!), art show & artist alley, a ton of great vendors with collectibles and other items, costumed fandom groups, auctions, computer and console gaming, RPG/LARP gaming, Video and Anime screenings…. and so much more! There is even a Nude World Body Painting Competition (**Whistles**).

If you are in the Ville or within driving distance July 26-28, 2013, you should make your way to FandomFest!

Location: Galt House & Convention Center Louisville, KY

Dates: Aug 1-3, 2014

Price: $50 Weekend Pass, $25 Day Pass

Website: Click Here

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