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Danger Run – Includes 3 Haunts

The Danger Run is a haunted house scavenger hunt game in Louisville. It is a one of a kind event that exists no where else in the world, right here in Louisville! It is a game played in the car with your friends. Go to one of their three starting locations located in the Metro Louisville area, or you can start online right from your house, and you will get a book of rhyming clues that you solve to find your way to haunted houses (included with your admission!). It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This year, for the first time ever Danger Run will include 2 Danger Run EXCLUSIVE haunts PLUS on Monstrous Finale Haunt!

Not only do you get the game and haunts included with your admission, but Danger Run also gives you free food offer from DQ Grill & Chill, free vampire fangs, and if you have 4 or more people in your car you will also get $10 gas from Speedway. It’s an entire night of fun Halloween adventure and the best deal in town. PLUS, if you are one of the TOP 25 groups to come closest to the exact mileage then you will be invited back to an exclusive Danger Run Finals Party where you will compete for HUGE prizes.

If you haven’t tried the Danger Run and you are looking for a completely unique experience, Danger Run is the event for you. It’s The Most Fun You’ll EVER Have In Your Car!

Location: 3 locations

Dates: Sept 18 – Oct 31, 2015

Price: $24.95

Phone Number: 1-800-771-9750

Website: Click Here

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22 Reviews for “Danger Run – Includes 3 Haunts”

  1. Nathan says:

    I have been doing Danger Run for several years. I was extremely excited to see that this year they had Danger Run exclusive haunts. We went this past Friday night and I have to say I was severely disappointed. The Danger Run has almost always had two haunts included. These were actual Haunted Houses that may charge up to $20 admission if you just went to them. So to get two of these with an admission to Danger Run with clues which I love for under 20 bucks…no brainer this has been a tradition of mine for a long time. Last year they introduced 3 haunts for the same price. I couldn’t believe it. The haunts on Danger Run have ranged from sub par, to just terrible, to awesome but they still were haunts.

    The two Danger Run exclusive “Haunts” included are anything but haunts. They are tiny. I think each one took like 5 minutes to get through which I am assuming is a record for fastest haunt. The spider one was just stupid. I will give it to the few actors that they did have they really did try but give me a break they had nothing to work with. Over half the haunt was in the pitch dark and the other half was mainly just black walls with some kind of white cloth that I am assuming was supposed to imitate spider webs. Definitely a cheap cop out if you ask me.

    The other Danger Run exclusive Haunt was not much better. This one at least had a different color than the bland black. The lighting was terrible in this one. They had a sound of an old camera flash charging and then a very quick flash would come on in the rooms. You couldn’t see anything really. At one point I did pull my phone out to see what the rooms were like and I can see why they were a quick flash. There really was nothing in the rooms to see. Then at the end of this one they went with the plane jane chainsaw chase ending that nearly EVERY haunt does. I really thought that Danger Run would have been much more inventive with their attractions since they always come up with very cool clues and twisted routes. I guess they need to just leave the haunt side to the professionals and do what they do best.

    The grand finale haunt was far from disappointing. I won’t give it away but it is a haunt that has been around for many many years. I have seen this haunt from awesome to not so hot. I went to it last year and could tell that they were really starting to step up their game. Lets just say they took a great leap in the right direction this year. I think this will be my new haunt tradition for the next few years.

    I really don’t think the Danger Run experience would have been too bad if the price stayed the same. They raised the price $5 this year! I would have much preferred to just go to the finale haunt and save the $5 upcharge. This was definitely a rude awakening to the ability of Danger Run doing their own attractions. Very disappointed.

  2. Ashley says:

    I know I’ve reviewed the Danger Run before but I had so much fun last night that I have to give kudos again. We went last night and as always had a blast solving the clues. It’s different this year because you don’t get all of the clues at the beginning, which I LOVE! The Danger Run guys even built their own haunted houses this year so we weren’t waiting in a 2 hour line. My friends got so scared at the haunts, and we even got our cardio in for the night while running away. My sides still hurt from laughing so hard all night. Love, love, love this event and will be back next weekend with a different group.

  3. Scott S says:

    My GF and I went on the Run. My first time, her 2nd. After a “few” wrong turns we arrived at the first haunt after 70 miles and 2 1/2 hours of run time. I wonder if we are close on the milage. Lol

    Had a blast at first haunt but will have to complete the rest next weekend. Definitely will make this a yearly event.

  4. shauntina wilhite says:

    So I have done danger ran twice. Once a few years ago. And two weeks ago this years haunts are all awesome. The only haunt I had a little problem with is haunt two. Just wasn’t as great as I hoped. But I loved danger ran this year

  5. Bobby says:

    Danger Run get 10 stars for the run its self!!!
    As for the first haunt….. What a waste of time!!
    I don’t know what kind of deal danger run makes with their haunts, but haunt 1….. It’ll drag DR down. Took us 5 min to complete the “haunt”
    The second haunt was a blast!! Long walk… But pure fun. They made up for the other guys.

  6. Miranda S says:

    I went for the first time last year with my mom and my best friend. It was one of the best times I’ve had in my life. The haunts were pretty good (the second was amazing) but they weren’t even the best part. Just working on the clues and laughing through the whole ride was enough to make me want to go again EVERY year!

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    So, I did my annual Danger Run excursion last weekend. I’ve gotta say those guys have done it again. Wow, we had so much fun! The two of us started from the Hurstbourne Lane Lowes, where we we greeted by an incredibly nice and efficient staff. Then we headed out on our first page of clues. We rocked the first half, claiming to be the best Danger Runners EVER! We got to our first haunt in no time at all where we were promptly scared and entertained. Then we started on our second half of the clues. We made it to the second haunt, but it took a little more time. We were quickly reminded as we travelled down unknown roads giggling and laughing as we tried to find our way that we are not in fact the best Danger Runners ever. Yeah, we got lost, but I think that’s the best part. If you ever trully want to know who your friends are, get lost with them while trying to answer riddles. We eventually had to pull over because I was laughing too hard to see the road anymore. Thank you Danger Run for taking me to two haunted houses, letting me spend an awesome night with my friend, and getting me so lost that I laughed so hard I cried. The Danger Run is the best halloween EVER!

  8. Rob V says:

    HEY… Danger Run is the one Halloween event I look forward to EVERY year! Last year was a little disappointing at the first Haunt but according to their Facebook page that Haunt has been replaced this year! Can’t wait to see what the Danger Run guys have in store for us this year. C’mon October… Hurry up and get here!!

  9. Jamie says:

    For the 2nd year in a row we thoroughly enjoyed our Danger Run experience! All except for the first haunt, which nearly ruined it for us all together. We started our run about 7:30 and after working so hard on the clues and being nearly dead on, we arrived at the first haunt in about 2 hours. We waited in line for nearly 2 hours for a very short 15 minute walk through that was not even remotely scary. I think it was greedy that the haunt wanted to charge $5 for line jumping. Took away from the whole experience. And since we had a group of 12 and had rented the vehicle for only the night, we left there at nearly midnight and had to skip the 2nd route and just go straight to the haunt to make it on time before closing at 2AM. While the 2nd haunt was AMAZING and will definitely earn my business again next year, it sucked that we couldn’t even compete for the 2nd route after such an amazing 1st route because we had to rush to the 2nd haunt. If WC is part of DR next year, we’ll save our money and skip it, and that would be really bad, because we did enjoy it so much last year.

  10. DangerRun says:

    Tamara… We’re sorry for the long wait at the first haunt, but A LOT of people chose to do the Danger Run the same night as you. The Speed Pass is offered, not by Danger Run, but by the haunt itself to ALL of it’s customers. There’s no way to just give the speed pass to all Danger Runners, as most of the people there are on the Run. The good news is that your tickets to the 2nd haunt are good any night they are open through October. Thanks for playing! We’re glad you enjoyed the clues and are confident you will enjoy the 2nd haunt. Have Fun!

  11. Tamara says:

    This was my first year on the Danger Run and I had fun trying to figure out the clues. We went last night and I have been waiting to go for a few weeks. The only problem was the first haunt. We got horribly lost trying to find it and ended up just putting the info in the GPS. Once we got there, we had to wait in line for an hour and a half. Half way through our wait, someone told us about “Express Passes” to get to the head of the line for an additional fee which we did not have with us. The haunt was not scary, and we got out of there at 1:20, not enough time to complete the other half of the run. So we went home. Maybe next year, there should be an express line for Danger Runners since they are on a time limit.

  12. Dangerrunner920 says:

    Danger run was awesome this year. First haunt was not good but second made up for it. It was totally worth it, in fact I plan on doing it again just for second haunt.

  13. RUBY says:


  14. RUBY says:


  15. DangerRun says:

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised this year! We look forward to seeing you again this year!

  16. jimmy dillard says:

    i plan on going soon. the haunted houses are never that great but the ride there is always fun.!

  17. DangerRun says:

    Hauntman, we understand your concerns about the first haunt. However, the Danger Run is so much more than just the experience at the haunts. Yes, it is important to have a great haunting experience and as you said you really liked the second haunt, but the Danger Run itself is about the experience you have with your friends finding the haunts. As you said the drive was great, so I am guessing that you guys had a fun time solving the clues, getting your free cheeseburgers, and getting free gas.

    In regards to the first haunt, on opening night (the night that you went) there were some timing difficulties experienced. This is the second year for this attraction and the first year for them with the Danger Run. Until now, they had not experienced the crowd sizes they are going to experience with Danger Run. As soon as we heard of the problem, we immediately helped the haunt work out the issues and I am happy to say they overcame the timing problem and now wait times are what you would expect at the haunt. This alone should make your entire experience at the first haunt much better because we feel that the haunt is a very strong haunt. They pay a lot of attention to detail, with the characters themselves in particular. They have great scenes and it is topped off with some incredible costumes.

    We hope this addresses your concerns, but if you have any further please feel free to contact us through Thanks for coming out on the Danger Run and we hope to see you again!

  18. hauntman says:

    This year was my first year on the run. The drive was great nice n tuff. But the first haunt ruined the whole experience. we waited in a fifty or so feet line for over 2 hours, and itruly thought the haunt was not any good. The second haunt was really good.

  19. screamqueen screamqueen says:

    The Danger Run is the best halloween event in Louisville and Indiana. I have gone on the Danger Run for as long as I can remember. Honestly, if I never made it to the haunts, I’d still be happy. I have so much fun testing my clue solving skills and having a blast with my friends in the car. Of course, the haunts are a lot of fun, but the best part of the fun is getting there. I love the Danger Run and highly recommend it to anybody and everybody.

  20. Jessica says:

    I think Danger Run is so much fun. You grab a car full of friends and spend the night trying to figure out how to get to two awesome haunts. It is so much fun!

  21. Doug V says:

    The Danger Run is GREAT! I have been a loyal customer for about the last 5 years and every year about August I start looking forward to the event! If you have never been on the Danger Run you should try it out. It is an awesome full night of fun! We usually get a van and have about 10 of us arguing over where we should turn next.

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