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Louisville Haunted Places

Like all cities, Louisville has its share of haunted places that dot the map. Some of these haunted places are legends, others are very much based on true stories. In fact, Louisville is home to what has been deemed to be one of the scariest places on earth the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. However, this isn’t the only creepy place in town. There are many ghosts floating around the city. You just have to know where to look! We will be posting more haunted places as we find them. We will also be posting pictures and any other information we can find as well so be sure to keep checking back!

Culbertson Mansion

culbertson Culbertson Mansion was built in 1867 by the richest man in Indiana, William Culbertson. Located on the premises a [more…]

Location: 914 E Main St, New Albany, IN

Price: Adults $7, Seniors $5, Children and Students $2, Children under 3 get in for free

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The Seelbach Hotel

seelbach A hotel as old as The Seelbach is bound to have a few skeletons in the closet or running around the halls. Opened i [more…]

Location: 500 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40202

Price: $$$

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Jefferson Community College

jcc This structure was originally constucted in 1903 to house the Louisville Prebyterian Theological Seminary. In 1 [more…]

Location: 109 East Broadway

Price: N/A

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Henry Vogt Mansion

vogtmansionA jilted lover and suicide surround this once prominent mansion. Built in the late 1800’s by Henry Vogt, this mansion ha [more…]

Location: 223 East Broadway

Price: N/A

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The Brown Hotel

BrownYou may not get a restful night’s sleep if you stay at The Brown Hotel. Stories have [more…]

Location: 335 W Broadway, Louisville, KY

Price: Cost of the room

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Actor’s Theater

Actor's theatreWhen the house lights go down a special viewer watches the pe [more…]

Location: 316 W Main St Louisville, KY

Price: Depends upon the show

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Sleepy Hollow

SHRNo, not the headless horseman story. Sleepy Hollow is a road that is so isolated and dark that the only light to guide you is your headlights and the moon. The tree l [more…]

Location: Oldham County, KY

Price: N/A

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Speed Art Museum

speedartThe Speed Art Museum was established by Harriet (Hattie) Bishop speed, the second wife of JB Speed, in 1927. It was creat [more…]

Location: Louisville, KY

Price: Free, $4 donation is encouraged.

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Joe’s Older Than Dirt

Joe'sWe all know of Joe’s Older Than Dirt in Lyndon. Many of us have probably been there.  But what most of us didn’t know is tha [more…]

Location: Lyndon, KY

Price: No cover charge

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Eastern Cemetery

Most of us have heard of Eastern Cemetery becuase of all the times it has made local news. This cemetery ha [more…]

Location: Louisville, KY

Price: N/A

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Cave Hill Cemetery

cavehillOne of Louisville’s largest cemetery’s, it is said that if you visit Cave Hill Cemetery at night you can see green lights floating t [more…]

Location: Louisville, KY

Price: N/A

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Hot Rod Haven

hotrodhavenThe story tells of a young girl and boy that that died on their way to a dance.  Hot Rod Haven is actually a part o [more…]

Location: Mitchell Hill Road, Louisville Ky

Price: N/A

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The Story Inn

storyinnA little outside of Louisville near Brown County,IN is the town of Story. Story, IN is one of the smallest towns I have ever encountered. Story, IN lite [more…]

Location: Story, IN

Price: Accommodation prices vary

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Palace Theatre

palaceThere is a haunted legend to the Palace Theatre that dates back to the 1990s restoration and reopening. It was during this t [more…]

Location: Palace Theatre Louisville, KY

Price: Depends upon the show

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The Captain’s Tomb

captainstombLocated a mile down from Horseshoe Casino, the Captain’s Tomb has long been seen as a haunted location in the [more…]

Location: Elizabeth, IN

Price: N/A

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The Witch’s Castle

witchscastleThe Legend of the Witch’s Castle is that you can here a little girl laughing in the woods and loud thumps. People have seen a white [more…]

Location: Utica, IN

Price: N/A

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

waverlyIf you are from Louisville, then you are VERY familiar with Waverly Hills. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is [more…]

Location: 4400 Paralee Lane Louisville, KY

Price: Private tours available

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