Louisville Haunted Attractions

Louisville Halloween haunted attractions are local haunted attractions that are deserving of a classification all their own. Take a look at all of these Louisville area haunted attractions!

Danger Run – 4 ALL NEW HAUNTS (2 on each route)

The Danger Run is a LEGENDARY haunted attraction in Louisville. It is one of the most well known events in the city because it is a one of a kind event unlike any other in the world, right here in Louisville! The Danger Run is a game played in your c [more...]

Location: 3 locations

Dates: Sept 20 – Oct 26, 2013

Admission: $18.95 (Online), $19.95 at gate

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Asylum Haunted Scream Park

Asylum Haunted Scream Park is a haunted theme park in the Louisville area located at Paintball Asylum. For the last several years the Paintball Asylum has been producing Darkness Falls on Asylum and it has been on of the best haunts in the Ville. For [more...]

Location: Pond Station Rd Louisville, KY

Dates: Fri & Sat nights Sept 20-Oct 26, 2013

Admission: $20 for a single attraction, Combo tickets available

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Standard Listings

Drive-In Of Terror

An ALL NEW haunted attractions at the Georgetown Drive-In. From the producers of the Fright Night Film Festival, get ready to experience an all new type of horror. The Drive-In of Terror is an outdoor haunt that will include free movies along with yo [more...]

Location: Georgetown Drive-In, Georgetown, IN

Dates: Fri & Sat Oct 5-20, 2012

Admission: $15

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Jump with Death

Jump with Death!! Go do a tandem skydive with the Grim Reaper on your back or jump in your costume with the Grim Reaper (if your costume is deemed safe for skydiving) Great photo ops! Go to Skydiveky.com and schedule your “Grim Reaper Jump” now! [more...]

Location: Kentucky, Kitty Hawk Dr Elizabethtown, KY

Dates: Oct 13, 20, 21, 27, 2012, Sunrise-Sundown

Admission: See website for details

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Visions of Madness

One of the many FREE yard haunts, Visions of Madness is definitely a location to check out on Halloween night. What is a yard haunt? Well, it is haunted attraction set-up in someone’s yard that is generally set-up free for the public for Halloween vi [more...]

Location: 207 Denny Dr New Albany, IN

Dates: Oct 31

Admission: FREE

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