Baxter Avenue Morgue

The Baxter Avenue Morgue has quickly become a Louisville legend in the haunted house industry. The Baxter Morgue haunted house features a very descript storyline with a cast of characters that are some of the most creepy people that you will see in a haunted house. You are greeted at the Morgue in a funeral parlor by Warren Vanderdark. The Vanderdark family has ran the Morgue for over a century and it has been said that Warren actually killed his father and has been running the Morgue in an unspeakable fashion ever since. As he walks you through the opening corridor, he sends you off into the deepest recesses of Baxter Morgue where you will encounter Warren Vanderdark’s deepest secrets as the spirits who have been imprisoned by the Baxter Morgue haunted house come alive in front of your eyes. This is an incredible haunted house in the Louisville area and it has a huge cult following. If you are a haunted house fan, this is the haunt for you this Halloween.

Location: 451 Baxter Avenue Louisville, KY

Dates: Sept 11 – Oct 31, 2015

Price: $20, Speedpass $40

Website: Click Here

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23 Reviews for “Baxter Avenue Morgue”

  1. Matthew Willard says:

    Haunted house was alot better 6 years ago when I went last. Needs more actors to scare customers! Scary in the beginning but lost excitement. Very disappointed. 2.5 atars

  2. John jarrett says:

    I love hunted houses thay are great

  3. In 2012 my friends and I ventured to many haunted houses in Louisville. This one was by far the worst! The cast members were unrealistic, the entertainment while standing in line was terrible and the sets were not scary. You should definitely check it out…if you like disappointment.

  4. kasside says:

    Like I have not been at all this is my first year and I am 15 and I can’t wait to see what awaits me and what will surprise me

  5. lucey says:

    Ok so I am going tonight and I’m 10
    I am kinda scared cuz I watched
    the movie tour and I am like OMG!!!

  6. Bob Green says:

    I think it was the greatest haunted house in Louisville because of the actors and scenes and best of all the performance before you go in its a great scare and it is worth it.

  7. Michael says:

    What can I say. Disappointing. Had high hopes for this haunt. heard it was the best since I was in elementary school and I felt bored. Actors were kind of lame and I mean no disrespect to anyone with this but what was with all the actors asking if we felt as gay as they were. Are they assuming we hate gay people and it will scare us. Im sorry did not live up to reputation

  8. bubba says:

    it isnt all that good. the scenes are cool but the actors are all like 10 years old. plus is expensive.

  9. Paul says:

    Do Not Go! I heard it was really good, but its not. ive been to all of the haunted houses in louisville and it is one of the worst. WAY overprices for a 10 minute haunted house. it had bad actors and bad scenes

  10. Lorri says:

    Myself & 2 friends went opening night to celebrate one of their birthdays and it was AWESOME. We had a great time and it was worth the price (we had discounted $15.00 tickets).

  11. Mary says:

    Best in Louisville!

  12. Aaron S says:

    Best in Louisville. Period.

  13. Hersey says:

    It is way to high for 15 minutes. There are much better for the same price.

  14. Darren says:

    Best of 2011 in my book. I loved it. It was deffinatly the best the props, people, and over all look of the place.

  15. Exorcist says:

    Went with my high school daughter and her friends on Sat. Oct. 22. One girl was scared before we got there. Just waiting in line, one of the characters from the insane asylym came out and scared us all. Her especially. His costume and character was very convincing. We tried to comfort her and said her name a couple times which he picked up on. He then wispered her name in her ear and had a steady stream of drool come out of his mouth. She was terrified and began shaking and crying. I told the doorman that she could not continue and he escorted her away without any other contact with the very scary characters lurking in the courtyard. Overall, great attraction and the acters really took it seriously and tried to give you a frightening experience for the money.

  16. Seth says:

    This is the best this house has been in years!!! I loved every minute. They have a couple new a clever scenes this year from last year. It was fantastic!

  17. Kristen says:

    I went with a group to Baxter last night (9/29/11) around 9:30. The opening scene of the haunt was by far my favorite. The team does an excellent job heightening your anticipation while waiting for further instruction. I found myself questioning whether the person next to me was someone that had come with me, or one of the monsters of the morgue. All of the actors were in character and ready to pounce at any minute! Their costumes and makeup looked great under the bright lights of the room. Once we left the introduction area of the haunt and proceed thru the scenes, there is plenty to distract your eye from the monsters lurking in the rooms. The props were used in appropriate locations, however, I don’t recall anything extremely memorable. The actors had a unique intensity, and their scares came from unexpected places. However, I felt that their “touching” was over used and not as effective as it could have been. I loved that all of the characters in this haunt are originals.
    I felt like the haunt was good overall. I was startled several times, but I was never very scared. The sets were eye catching and effective. The actors maintained character and used their scares effectively, but were very typical of a traditional haunted house. The length of the haunt was decent, and the price with the coupon was on par with other local attractions. I did leave a little disappointed that Baxter Ave Morgue didn’t quite live up to it’s hype, but I’m willing to attribute that to attending their show on a Thursday night. I’m sure if we were to attend on a Friday or Saturday night in mid October, you could have a different experience, but my group still had a good time!

  18. bob says:

    So went though the NEW Baxter Avenue Morgue and OMG is it intense. This year its under new directors and you can tell as this house has never been this good. I plan on going at least once more this season.

  19. morbidlil1 says:

    been to haunted attractions all over and this is probably my least favorite!!! Actors were to grabby and kept their hands on me the whole time. They just tried to hard and took away from the setting. This haunt was over priced and i wouldn’t recommend it

  20. screamqueen screamqueen says:

    Not scary at all. Won’t waste my time on this one again.

  21. Robert says:

    WICKED!!! Loved it and will go again…….very good acting and scenes

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